One Stop Die Casting Solution Provider

  • Low MOQ start from 1000 pcs
  • High precision die casting
  • Get quote within 8 working hours after get clear spec.

Your Die Casting Specialist in China

  • Over 20 years die casting manufacturing experience
  • 100% no defects for your parts
  • Tolerance as low as 0.002mm for CNC dimension
  • Advanced die casting equipment

In house tooling shop with 380 workers, 61 professional engineers,73 quality control experts.

High precision die casting parts manufacturing, tolerance as low as 0.002mm with Brother CNC machines.

In house surface treatment facilities from polishing,sandblasting, powder coating, oil painting to all process

One stop die casting tooling design and manufacturing solution:
  • Well know how to make specific die casting tooling for many different industries
  • CAE analysis before making tooling
  • DFM always as your expectation
  • All manufacturing process in house from CNC, line cut, EDM, to assembly, fitting mold etc.
Structure Verification
3D Printing to Test Structure

After we confirmed the CAD drawing of your products, we will use 3D printing to make a 3D sample to test the structure and functions.

The 3D printing process allows the creation of parts and/or tools through additive manufacturing at rates much lower than traditional machining.

Simulated Analysis
Professional Mold flow Analysis -CAE

Moldflow Adviser providing manufacturability guidance and directional feedback for standard part and mold design and Moldflow Insight which provides definitive results for flow, cooling, and warpage along with support for specialized molding processes.

Advanced Die Casting Manufacturing

  • Well designed SOP based on your design spec.
    (dimension,function,quality standard).
  • Well controlled of Incoming raw material quality
  • Advanced Die casting machine, automatically process
  • Well trained workers strictly operate acc to SOP
  • Advanced Die Casting Manufacturing

Die Casting Parts CNC Machining

Experienced engineer DFM the structure before tooling, CAM simulation the CNC route to ensure the allowance for post CNC machining.

Well designed CNC program to guarantee the the parts precision.

Based on your order quantity to choose the “smart” facility/technics to save your cost.

Responsible OQC will 100% inspect the parts, specially all the key dimension.

No worry about function, always 100% test before shipping.

In House Surface Treatment


There are many deburring processes well set for your goods, from media blasting, sanding, grinding, wire brushing, abrasive flow machining, electrochemical deburring, and manual deburring…


For your cosmetic goods, polishing it to make the surface smooth and shiny.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a dry coating process used as a metal finish. It is applied as dry powder through an electrostatic process, then cured with heat. …


Spray painting is a way of using the spray gun to use the air pressure, to generate uniform and fine fog droplets, and apply to the surface of the coated surface.


Aluminum anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts aluminum into aluminum oxide at the surface of the casting to improve the natural corrosion resistance.

Silk-screen printing

a type of print made with a stencil and a fine mesh screen. Ink is applied to and forced through the small holes in the screen leaving the covered area free from ink.


Laser light to create your logo or specific marks on the casting surfaces

Thousands Die Casting Parts for Different Industries

Inox finished thousands die casting parts every day,and export to over 100 countries.

Custom Die Casting Parts for Any Industry

We think we can help you with our experience

How We Control Your Parts Quality

Over 20 years die casting manufacturing experience

Factory Certification
  • ISO9001:2008
  • TS16949
  • ISO14001:2015
Strict Quality Control
  • Density Testing
  • ROHS
  • Dimension Checking
  • Chemical composition inspection
  • Mechanical property test
  • Insides defects inspection
  • Cosmetic inspection
  • Coating thickness test
  • Saul spray test
  • Surface smoothness inspection
  • Color inspection
Process Control
  • Melting temperature monitoring
  • Al chemical composition inspection
  • Die casting equipment parameter monitoring
  • FQI dimension
  • FQI Cosmetic
  • IPQC
  • X-ray inspection of special parts of castings

Resource & Industry Guide

  • Die Casting Benefits
  • Die Casting Alloy Process
  • Die Casting Process
  • Die Casting Surface Treatment Guide

Inox Clients

Over 20 years die casting manufacturing experience

  • BMW
  • Bose
  • DelongHi
  • flex
  • JD
  • MI
  • Midea
  • Miele
  • Philips
  • Samsung
  • Siemens
  • Tmall
  • TTI
  • vtech
  • VW
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