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InoxCast Precision utilizes modern CNC controlled multi-axis milling and state of the art CAM software to achieve world-class quality.

Our aluminum die casting facility consists of over 16 sets of cold chamber die casting machines with range up to 1300 Tons of maximum locking force.

Our zinc die casting facility consists of over 2 sets of hot chamber die casting machines with range up to 400 Tons of maximum locking force.

Precision Die Casting Specialist

  • Why Die Casting ?

    Higher tolerance,Cost-effective solutions for complex parts,

  • Die Casting Material We Specialize in ?

    Inox focus on aluminum and zinc die casting

  • Die Casting Molds Design Capabilities

    Inox is also professional in die casting mold design

  • Die Casting Process

    Hot Chamber Die Casting,Cold Chamber Die Casting

  • Inox Surface Treatment Capabilities

    Polishing,Powder coating,Painting,Chrome Plating,E-coating and more

Top 4 Industries We are Serving

Inox supplies die casting solutions to a wide range of industries with diverse applications. Our customers usually require high quality products and we deliver according to specifications at competitive unit costs. Our products have high-strength quality, near-net-shape components with thin walls and critical tolerances.
We offer casting with aluminum and zinc, being the broadest range of die casting metals in the industry.

Power Tools

Our designs for die cast enclosures and housing reveal the following features: rugged and durable components with fail-safe EMI shielding


The automotive and off-road vehicle industries depend on extreme manufacturing efficiency and superior product quality.


We produce components for medical monitors, x-ray machines, electronically operated hospital beds…


The high-tech Al and zinc die castings are examples of net-shape and near-net-shape housings and components …

View Process & Design Your Parts

3D Printing

After we confirmed the CAD drawing of your products,we will use 3 D printing to make a 3D sample to test the structure and functions.The 3D printing process allows the creation of parts and/or tools through additive manufacturing at rates much lower than traditional machining.


  • moldflow
  • moldflow

Moldflow Adviser providing manufacturability guidance and directional feedback for standard part and mold design and Moldflow Insight which provides definitive results for flow, cooling, and warpage along with support for specialized molding processes.

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