Inox managing team
About Inox Casting

Inox is a Hong Kong limited liability company and a division of SunOn Industrial Group, founded in 1997. It has a plant area covering 32,000 square meters, with about 1000 employees, most of whom are senior managerial and technical personnel. Inox has more than 16 years’ experience in R&D prototype designing, plastic moulding, die-cast moulding, two shots moulding, machining, polishing and coating of finished products.

Die Cast Parts_Molding

Inox offers superior surface finishing, such as painting, powder coating, chrome plating, ED coating and screen printing. Inox also has great experience in exporting moulds and mouldings to Europe. Our products are widely applied in the fields of Consumer Electronics, Household Appliances, Tele-communications, and Medical Equipment and Automotive machines.

SunOn is registered as ISO9001:2008 and conforms to TS 16949 quality management systems. Inox and SunOn are totally ROHS compliant and dedicated to even small orders. Every daily operation is strictly carried out based on internal and industry regulated standards. Every process is carefully monitored and controlled to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction and product quality. Our continuous innovation, based on in-house research and development makes SunOn Group a reliable and responsible partner.

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