How to Choose a Die Casting Mold Supplier in China

Are you planning to import die cast mold parts from China?

Well, you have come to the right place.

I will show you how to go about the process. But, first, let me make some points clear.

Die casting is the process of forcing molten metal into a mold cavity. It is commonly used to process non-ferrous metals such as lead, zinc, aluminum, copper, magnesium and tin based alloys.

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This manufacturing process is popular for its cost effectiveness for both high and medium volume production.

Importing die cast parts from China guarantees a good return on investment (ROI).

ROI of die casting business

However, this is only possible if you choose a reputable die casting mold supplier from China.

But, how do ensure the whole process is successful?

Factors to consider when choosing die casting mold supplier in China

In case you are intending to import these products from China, then it is important to consider the following:

1.Quality of the manufacturing process

The integrity of any part will be determined by strategies the company has put in place. That is, following the recommended manufacturing process, i.e. quality regulation and testing.

These include the ASTM and EN standards.

To achieve this, die casting mold supplier should use the recommended testing procedures and equipment.

These may include:

  • Microstructure testing
  • Dimensional measurement
  • Laboratory testing using a spectrometer, X-ray, etc.
  • Hardness and tensile testing

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In short, the company should have a strict metallurgical control system. This is the only way to ensure a proper balance of chemical and mechanical properties of the final die cast component.

2. Ability to die cast a wide range of metals

Your supplier should die cast a wide range of metals. If possible, they should process all non-ferrous metals. In such situations, you will have a wide range of options at your disposal.

Remember, customer’s demands are so dynamic. Consumers are always looking forward to blend a number of qualities such as high quality, cost effective and durable parts.

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3. Production capability of the company

How many orders can the company handle – the number pieces per day. With this information, you can know whether the company will meet your demand for die cast parts or not.

Again, the company should have adopted various types die casting processes such as:

  • Gravity die casting
  • Low pressure die casting
  • High pressure die casting

Remember, different parts may require varying die cast molding techniques. This will also allow for flexibility and customization of parts.

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Still on production capability, consider the minimum tolerance their machines can achieve. You should go for a company that can achieve very tight tolerances.

As you make inquiries, you have to be clear on your specifications. For instance, the minimum and maximum thickness or weight that can be die cast.

4. Consider die cast tooling

Tooling process is an important stage in die casting. There are two questions you need to ask the casting mold suppliers in China:

Do you have an in-house tooling process?

In-house tooling makes it easier to die cast custom shape and designs. It plays an integral role in quality control.

die casting CNC
What is the cost of die cast tooling?

For unique designs, you will have to make die casting tools. This can be slightly expensive, especially if the company outsources the tooling process.

5. Consider the number of secondary operations

For a fact, die casting may not produce products that are 100% perfect. Or, at times, you may require products that need a decorative finishing.

The company of choice should have the capability to perform a number of finishing operations such as sandblasting, industrial etching, vibratory finishing, polishing, buffing, etc.

Remember, when all your parts are die cast and finishing operations conducted by the same company; possibility of getting incredible discounts is high.

6. Which markets does the die casting mold supplier serve?

Well, we have different engineering product designs for specific applications. Therefore, partner with a company that is in the same market niche as yours.

Such companies understand constrains and performance requirements of your industry. This will guarantee high quality production and consistency in the whole manufacturing process. Normally, this is possible when the company has vast experience on a market niche.

7. Delivery period

On-time delivery will be determined by the capability of the company. That is, how many parts or pieces can the company die cast within a specific period of time?

Go for a company that guarantees faster and consistent on-time delivery, while still maintaining the quality standards.

This will make it easier for your products to be delivered to the market just in time. Thus, you cannot miss an obvious opportunity. You can also trust such die casting companies with urgent orders.

8. Engineering experience and expertise

How long has the company been in the industry?

Do they have trained and qualified engineers to work with you from the initial stages through to completion?

A company with qualified and experienced die casting engineers will definitely deliver as per your expectations. They will help you with the design process and choice of material.

They should use modern manufacturing technologies such as CAD, Pro/ENGINEER or Pro/MANUFACTURE,UG. All these will ensure accuracy and consistency of the final part.

Normally, such engineers use casting process simulations to predict the manufacturing process. That is, how the mold fill, solidify and cools. This reduces the possibility of defects.

9. Hire an innovative company

Innovation is important, especially at a time when there is a high competition in the market. It is only the innovative companies that remain relevant despite the high competition in the market.

With an innovative company, you should be able to solve all your die casting problems without necessarily incurring more expenses.


As you might have realized, to get a reliable die casting mold supplier in China, you need to focus on the qualities and capabilities of the company.

It is only through this that you will get quality die cast parts that meet your performance requirements.

During this process, you must do thorough research about every company.

Don’t depend on information found on these companies’ websites, but also various reviews from customers is equally important.

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