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Inox has more than 20 years experience of in copper die casting, machining, and assembly of finished products. We passed ISO9001:2008 and TS 16949 inspection and guarantee the best quality molds and moldings to customers worldwide. Contact us today!

  • Rich experience in copper die casting
  • Use advanced and mature technology
  • Cost-effective copper die casting
  • Full tool design and manufacturing
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Why Inox is an Expert in Copper Die Casting

Inox Casting is specialized in copper die casting for more than 20 years of history and development. Inox Copper Die Casting provides high hardness and high corrosion resistance to the finished product. To support you and satisfy your needs, our committed and dedicated staff and professional engineers will assist you from the beginning until the accomplishment of your business. We can recommend the best material and method for the best outcome of your project.

Inox Copper Die Casting

1 Cold Plate Copper Die Casting
Cold Plate Copper Die Casting

Cold Plate Copper Die Casting is used for computer part applications. Inox Casting is a top-rated manufacturer and introduces outstanding die-casting products like cold plate copper die casting.

Copper Die Casting Conductor Plate

Inox Copper Die Casting technology can produce and provide high-quality and precise parts at competitive prices.

Copper Die Casting Gear Pump

Whether you need a Copper Die Casting Gear Pump, it’s all here in Inox Casting. For your custom requirements, Inox Casting is willing to support your business.

Copper Die Casting Copper Rotor

A wide range of Copper Die Casting Copper Rotor is accessible here in various sizes, application,s and power. All are cast using the advanced technology and high-efficiency machines.

5 Copper Die Casting Manufacturing
Copper Die Casting Manufacturing

Inox Casting guarantees a wide variety of finishes from high-specification plating to cosmetic finishes. Even in high-volume production, we maintain consistent quality and performance.

6 Copper Die Casting Price
Copper Die Casting Price

You can get cost-effective copper die casting here in Inox Casting. Our process is approved under many certificates such as ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS, CE, etc.

7 Copper Die Casting Precision
Copper Die Casting Precision

Inox Copper Die Casting precision components provide a variety of options that meet the condition for material, design flexibility, and surface finish.

8 Sealing Parts for Hydraulic Pump Copper Die Casting
Sealing Parts for Hydraulic Pump Copper Die Casting

All finished products including Sealing Parts for Hydraulic Pump Copper Die Casting feature durable, long-life, and deliver great performance.

9 High-Pressure Copper Die Casting
High-Pressure Copper Die Casting

Here in Inox Casting, we offer high-pressure die casting for outstanding manufacturing of various parts. Inox Casting is your trusted High-Pressure Copper Die Casting in China.

Copper Die Casting Structure

We provide high-quality copper die casting structures with your requirements and specific applications. Copper Die Casting for your desired product has a high level of engineering skills.

11 Custom Copper Die Casting
Custom Copper Die Casting

We are a professional copper die casting technology provider. For your custom requirements for copper die casting, we can support you with that.

12 Copper Die Casting Complex Shaped Parts
Copper Die Casting Complex Shaped Parts

Using highly engineered dies through a strictly controlled process, we can quickly produce complex shaped parts for your project.

Inox Copper Die Casting

Inox Copper Die Casting

Copper Die CastingCopper Die CastingCopper Die CastingCopper Die Casting

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Excellent Copper Die Casting Provider – Inox Casting

If you`re in need of a copper die casting process or products, Inox Casting got you covered. Inox Casting specializes in providing high-quality castings that suit every customers’ right specifications. Using the finest quality materials such as copper, Inox produced a wide range of parts and components for your particular requirements. As a professional copper die casting expert, you can avail of it at a very cost-effective rate.

Inox Casting’s experience is unparalleled in the design, development, and manufacturing of precision copper die-cast solutions suitable for a broad range of automotive applications, construction machines, connectors parts, telecommunications parts consumer electronics parts, the electric utility industry, and so on.

Our Inox Copper die casting offers high durability and hardness, good wear resistance, good dimensional stability, high corrosion resistance, and the highest mechanical properties of alloy die casts. Inox copper die casting is often an outstanding method for efficient fabricating of copper parts and components and has a high level of engineering skills and high-volume production.

Inox Casting also works closely with clients through every step of the process, from unique R&D, design, manufacturing to completion, you can trust our management system. Our copper die casting factory possesses advanced and innovative copper die casting production line. We are also supported by much professional staff, designers, and technicians willing to help you to the success of your project.

High-quality production is always the main priority at Inox Casting. We strive to exceed all customer requirements and expectations and offer comprehensive engineering services and on-time delivery of high precision machined parts, copper die casting best surface treatment, castings, forgings, fabrications, etc.

For the Inox copper die casting surface treatment, we provide powder coating, painting, chrome plating, e-coating, anodizing, and impregnating. Whether you require a smooth or textured surface finish for your copper requirements, Inox copper die casting can produce components that match your demands and applications.

We are your expert copper die casting service provider. Aside from copper die casting, we also offer titanium die casting, magnesium die casting, zinc die casting, aluminum die casting, and many more. In short, Inox Casting is your one-stop provider with rich experience and history in this field.

For more information about Inox copper die casting, don’t hesitate to message us. We have 24/7 online support to help your business grow.

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