Custom Aluminum Molds

For your business or project needs, Inox can offer you the best quality custom aluminum molds. We offer competitive prices and excellent services.

  • Full design and manufacturing
  • Complete custom aluminum mold manufacturing equipment
  • In-house tooling
  • The latest version of SolidWorks and UG for tool and part modeling

Why Inox Cast is an Expert in Manufacturing Custom Aluminum Mold

Inox has been in the industry of producing a custom aluminum mold for more than 20 years. We offer different services such as aluminum die casting, die casting mold design, plastic mold injection design, and more. We also include mold flow and mold cooling analysis and close-tolerance critical molding in our services. We are offering the best custom aluminum mold products and services to customers around the world. Choose Inox as your custom aluminum mold manufacturer. We are looking forward to working with you!

Precision Aluminum Moulds Milling Parts
Precision Aluminum Moulds Milling Parts

Our precision aluminum mold milling parts are made from aluminum alloy. It has a customized dimension surface treatment.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Mould
Custom Aluminum Extrusion Mould

Inox aluminum extrusion mold undergo processing such as bending, decoiling, welding, punching, and cutting.

Aluminum Die Casting Moulding Parts
Aluminum Die Casting Moulding Parts

We manufacture aluminum die casting molding parts using aluminum alloy. These are perfect for machinery, auto parts, and more.

Precision Die Cast Mold
Precision Die Cast Mold

Inox Cast manufactures precision die-cast mold for automotive and metal stamping parts applications.

Alloy Aluminum Cast Mould
Alloy Aluminum Cast Mould

The base of our alloy aluminum cast mold has a single or multiple cavities. It also has a cold and hot runner system.


Customized Aluminum Die Casting Mold
Customized Aluminum Die Casting Mold

Inox Cast manufactures customized aluminum die casting mold with structural design, rapid prototype, mold design, and making.

Professional Aluminum Die Cast Mould Making
Professional Aluminum Die Cast Mould Making

Our aluminum die cast moldings are made from stainless steel and other high-quality materials. This is ideal for electronics, furniture, and more.

Customized Manufacturing Aluminium Die Cast Mold
Customized Manufacturing Aluminium Die Cast Mold

We offer aluminum die-cast mold through our CNC machining, CNC turning, and milling. These are made from brass, copper, titanium, and more.

Terminal Die Stamping Mold
Terminal Die Stamping Mold

Inox Cast fabricates terminal die stamping mold with multiple and single cavities. It is made from brass metal sheets, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Extrusion Aluminum Profile Mold Extrusion Die

Our Extrusion Aluminum Profile Mold Extrusion Die comes with different customized thicknesses. It is widely applied for window profiles, industrial profiles, and more.

Aluminum Permanent Molds
Aluminum Permanent Molds

We manufacture Aluminum Permanent Molds that are custom-based on customers’ exact requirements and specifications.

Custom Aluminium Molding Casting Mold
Custom Aluminium Molding Casting Mold

Our Custom Aluminium Molding Casting Molds are widely used for automotive parts, communication parts, household appliances, and more.

Inox Die Casting

Inox Cast – Your Trusted Custom Aluminum Mold Manufacturer and Supplier

Inox Cast is a division of SunOn Industrial Group and a Hong Kong Limited Liability. We are a manufacturer that specializes in the production of custom aluminum molds for more than 20 years now. Throughout the years, we have been recognized as the leading manufacturer of custom aluminum molds.

As a professional manufacturer, we are committed to bringing the best services and solutions for your custom aluminum mold needs. We have expert engineers that focus on the design, innovation, and production of custom aluminum molds.

We are also well-equipped with advanced engineering equipment. We have the latest versions of UG and SolidWorks for the modeling of tools and parts. We also use advanced software such as Gibbs CAM to assist in CNC machine programming. Thus, you can guarantee premium quality custom aluminum molds.

We are also a manufacturer that specializes in customizing aluminum molds. We can customize your orders based on your specific requirements. Here in Inox Cast, we are committed to meeting your special needs for your business or projects.

We design custom aluminum molds with different surface finishes such as screen printing, powder coating, surface finishing, painting, and more. We can also customize surface treatments based on your request.

All our custom aluminum molds are suitable for different industries such as household appliances, automotive, medical, aerospace, consumer electronics, electric, and more. Surely, Inox Cast can provide you the most effective solution for your application.

Enquire now for your next custom aluminum mold orders!

Custom Aluminum Molds: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you have any question on custom aluminum molds, you will find the answer right here.

This guide covers everything you need to know about aluminum molds such as design, features, specification, to manufacturing process.

So, keep reading to learn more.

What Are Custom Aluminum Molds?

This is the manufacture of aluminum molds based on the preferences of the customers thus creating a unique mold.

Remember, aluminum molds are tooling systems we use in metal manufacturing processes.

How Does Customs Aluminum Molds Compare To Standard Aluminum Molds?

Customs aluminum molds are made according to the preferences of the customers where a scope of alteration is possible.

custom aluminum mold

custom aluminum mold

In standard alunminum molds, there are no customers’ preferences; also, there is no room for mold alteration.

Moreover, cost can be predetermined when creating standard aluminum molds, cost cannot be predetermined in customs aluminum molds.

standerd aluminum mold

standard aluminum mold

Why Go For Customs Aluminum Molds?

The following are the reasons why you need to go for the custom aluminum molds;

Reduced Errors

During the manufacturing processes, it is always possible and normal for errors to occur during the entire process.

When manufacturing customs aluminum molds, the frequency of errors to occur is immensely reduced.

Through the building of their designs, the level of consistency in creating the molds significantly improves thus reducing possible errors.

Therefore, for error reduction on aluminum molds, they need to be customized.

Faster Rates Of Production

Since the production process has been already customized, any unnecessary processes and possible guess works are eliminated.

It results to production of many molds within a short span of time as the manufacturer knows exactly what is required of them.

Generation Of More Sales

To the manufacturers, they experience increased sales when dealing with the custom aluminum molds.

Also, due to their prices, the manufacturers tend to charge more thus enabling them to make huge profits.

Levels of Accuracy

When it comes to designing custom aluminum molds, the possibilities of the design are usually endless.

Therefore, the molds of the most complex parts are designed with the maximum levels of accuracy.


It is evident that custom aluminum molds usually allow for limited numbers of errors during the manufacturing processes.

Since their designs are always easy to arrive at the end product, some aspects of the process can be automated.

Automating some of the aspects of manufacturing process saves on time and greatly reduces the costs.


Many products are going to be produced within a short period of time due to a higher production pace.

Also, through the use of an automated process, the costs of production are also going to be reduced.


Custom aluminum mold designs do take into account the set of materials to be used to reach a complete product.


The outcome product mold is usually light thus making it ideal to be used in most of the lightweight applications.

Are There Limitations Of Using Customs Aluminum Molds?

Yes, there are limitations of using the customs aluminum molds.

The limitations include the following;

It’s Costly And Implementation May Be A Challenge

Customizing the aluminum molds is costly and its implementation entails so much.

Its takes a lot of time as you need to go through the traditional methods of gathering, designing the prototypes and optimization.

Impacts On The Efficiency Of Manufacturing

Manufacturing custom aluminum molds creates a challenge since it is supposed to use different logistics of production.

The different logistics of production to be used here are a bit complex which takes time for the manufacturer to comprehend.

Also, the manufacturer becomes unable to predict the other different designs that the users are likely to order.

Aluminum mold

Aluminum molds

Why Use Aluminum For Customs Molds?

The following are reasons why you need to use aluminum for the custom molds;

  • On matters of cost, aluminum is found to be less expensive than other metals like steel thus making it perfect for use.
  • The metal is one of the lightest thus enhances easy transportation and an ease of handling in the entire process of molding.
  • Also, because of its lightweight, it hints that the made parts can undergo a faster heating and cooling thus providing fast turnaround rates.
  • Moreover, due to its great heat distribution, the parts made do not distort or shrink easily as they do in another type of molds.

Because of the distortion that is less; fewer materials are usually thrown away as scrap because of breaking and cracking.

  • Molds made from aluminum can be used to make many parts that can amount to a hundred of thousands.

The making of this parts greatly depends on how large the part is and the type of molding process to be used.

  • Aluminum comes with flexibility which can be used to create molds of parts that are intricate with complex designs.
  • When it comes to hardness, aluminum has a high level of brinell hardness and Rockwell hardness.
  • Due to its great machining and thermal properties, aluminum offers a machining time that is reduced.
  • The finishing costs and lead times are reduced because of its great machining that is faster than that of steel.
  • It has a great property of heat conduction thus making it able to shorten the cycle times of production by a significant margin.
  • Its excellent thermal conductivity offers mold temperatures that are consistent which improves the molding process.
  • The original equipment manufacturers are advantaged due to faster product marketing and part saving on the molds.
  • Surface treatments can be applied which are going to offer protection against materials that are abrasive thus longer life enhancement.
  • With aluminum, it is always easier to achieve critical dimensions and problematic geometrics that might require lifters.

Which Aluminum Material Grades Can You For Custom Aluminum Molds?

The aluminum material grades that can be used include;

7075 – T651, this type of aluminum material grade is best known and used due to its excellent properties of strength.

7050, aluminum alloy is a grade material that is commonly used in the production of injection molds and blow molds.

The 7050 aluminum alloy usually create molds with a limited thickness of eight inches and below.

6061 – T651 type of aluminum material grade is mainly used in the large compression, low and low volume injection molds.

6013 grade of aluminum is widely used to its great properties of resistance to corrosion, eminent levels of strength.

Also, it possesses a weldability that has machinability and hardness levels that are descent.

2024 alloy of aluminum is commonly used in the molding of structural form and also it is reliable for runs of short production.

Are Customs Aluminum Molds Durable?

Yes, customs aluminium molds are durable.

They are durable since they can withstand harsh condition over a long span of time due to its great resistance properties.

What Are Customs Aluminum Molds Used For?

The custom aluminum molds are suitable for both runs that involve high volume production and short volume production.

They are used in a wide range of application that includes high temperature material applications.

Also, there applications are also viable in the glass reinforced resins.

The following are some of their uses;

Custom aluminum mold

Custom aluminum mold

They are used in the high volume production of plastic injection molded parts.

Due to their strength levels, car manufacturers have started utilizing them in making large parts as they are effective.

They are also used in the creation of intricate parts with unusual designs due to their high levels of flexibility.

Air Craft Industry

This mold is perfect being used in the aircraft manufacture industry due to its excellent strength and lightweight.

When compared to the molds of steel, steel is so much heavy than aluminum.

Because of its properties, it allows the aircraft to lift more and at the same time to consume fuel more efficiently.

Moreover, due to its excellent resistance when it comes to corrosion, the safety of the aircraft and passengers is greatly ensured.

Automotive Industry

This industry greatly utilizes this type of mold in the manufacturing of vehicles.

The main parts where it is used include the engine parts (radiator, pistons and cylinder head) and the magnets (air bags, speedometers)

Also the mold is used in the making of the wheels, body and transmission, electrical wearing, lamps and air conditioners.

Some of the benefits custom aluminum molds has when used in the automotive industry include;

  • Performance; vehicles made with this mold have a good acceleration, handling and a better breaking system.

Also, its rigidity offers the drivers on the roads with a control that is precise and more immediate over their machineries.

Lastly, its malleability enables the designers to create machines with good shapes that offer a performance that is optimized.

  • Safety; on energy absorption, this mold absorbs more energy as compared to the weight of steel that is equivalent.

Moreover, vehicles that are designed and made using this mold have the ability to shorter stopping distances thus reducing collisions.

Therefore, custom aluminum mold should be used to increase energy absorption of vehicles thus enhancing safety without increasing weight.

  • Environment; the aluminum scrap can be collected and recycled thus resulting to environmental benefits.

For instance, recycling a single ton of aluminum, it is equivalent to saving about 21 barrels of oil.

Also, when the auto manufacturing is used, a carbon dioxide footprint that has a lifecycle that is small is produced.

It is evident that using the custom aluminum mold significantly reduces the emission of carbon thus saving the environment.

  • Fuel; since their components are lighter when compared to others like steel, it is possible to save 0.7 gallons per 100 miles.
  • Durability; parts made with mold result into a longer lifespan as the aluminum in the mold is durable.

Therefore, it can be in constructing vehicles to be used in environments that are challenging like in military and off roads.

Construction Industry

Because of its resistance to corrosion and light intrinsic properties, this type of mold is widely used in the building and construction industries.

Often, it can be used on shelves, walls and other numerous sets of applications.

It offers the following benefits in construction;

  • Durability; when used is buildings, it offers higher resistances to water, and also it is immune to harmful UV rays hence lasting endurance.
  • Costs; the mold will not require any maintenance cost as it is durable thus making to be cost effective.
  • Finishes; the custom aluminum mold can be lacquered in a variety of colours hence making it possible to get the most desired effects.

When these treatments are applied, an increase in the durability is guaranteed and also the resistance to corrosion.

  • Reflective properties; due to the presence of aluminum in the mold, the reflective properties usually reduces energy consumption.

For instance, the use of an air conditioner can be reduced in summer through the use shielding devices from aluminum.

Electrical Industries

They are used in the electrical industries because of their excellent conductivity properties.

Also, apart from conductivity, they are lighter and more cost efficient than other type of molds.

Does Custom Aluminum Molds Wear Faster?

The custom aluminum mold does not wear faster.

Consequently, the mold can be hardened to reduce its wear.

The hardening mostly is achieved through application of surface treatments and anodizing.

When anodizing is used, it can yield a hardened surface of up to a Rockwell hardness of about 65.

Why Is Heat Dissipation Factor Critical When Choosing Customs Aluminum Molds?

When choosing the customs aluminum molds, heat dissipation is a critical factor.

With the molds, the heat needs to be transferred to the immediate environment and other colder objects very fast.

With aluminum being present in the mold, it enhances quicker heat dissipation than other metals like bronze and steel.

Compared to stainless steel, aluminum has the ability to dissipate heat to up to 15 times than what steel is able to dissipate.

Due to this reason, the molding cycles of the customs aluminum molds are able to getting reduced by a percentage of about 20 to 50.

The heat dissipation is uniform thus enabling the parts of the mold to attain a dimensional stability that is excellent.

The dimensional stability is excellent since there is a reduced tendency to distortion and shrinking.

Therefore, heat dissipation is critical since it allows for faster dimensional stability of the molds.

How Do You Manufacture Custom Aluminum Molds?

Here is a process to use while manufacturing a custom aluminum mold;

Creating The Mold Pattern

At the beginning, you need to fabricate a pattern that you wish the mold should have at the end.

The patterns to be made can be of either shape depending on the customer’s specifications and preferences.

Making The Core

In the event the customer requires casting parts that are hollow, you will be required to create a core.

A core is usually a material that is solid and is placed inside the mold cavity thus shaping an interior geometry of a part to be casted.

Making The Mold

It is now the actual time to make the mold.

Depending on the processes, molds are made in different ways.

For instance, permanent customs aluminum molds can be made using the computer numerical control machines.

After the mold has been finally been made, it is now ready for testing and to use in its purposes.

How Does Customs Aluminum Molds Compare To Steel Molds?

Custom steel molds have the ability to make parts that are more complex compared to custom aluminum molds.

With custom steel molds, there is increased surface finish options as compared to the custom aluminum molds.

It is easier to modify designs on custom aluminum molds as compared to the custom steel molds.

Since aluminum is soft, there are higher chances of flash in the mold as compared to steel which is hard thus less flash.

SEA-LECT Plastics Molded Parts Gating Option
SEA-LECT Plastics Molded Parts Gating Option

Steel mold

Custom steel mold can be used in the high volume production due to its withstanding of high temperatures.

Custom aluminum molds are unable to withstand higher temperatures and pressures thus they cannot be used in high volume productions.

What Are The Main Design Parameters For Custom Aluminum Molds?

The main design parameters to consider in custom aluminum molds include;

The desired part life or tool life of the custom aluminum mold.

The techniques of loading and unloading that are intended to be used on the mold.

You need to consider the application of the part and how it going to be used.

The properties of operation of the part or the tool that include the levels of pressure, temperature and exposure to chemicals need to be considered.

How Do You Check Quality Of Custom Aluminum Molds?

The quality is checked by the optical emission spectrometry method.

The method leads to the detection of contaminants that are found in the mold thus determining the quality.

What Are The Main Components Of Customs Aluminum Molds?

The main components include;





Devices of alignment



Are Custom Aluminum Molds Suitable For Injection Moulding Plastics Only?

Yes, the custom aluminum molds are suitable for injection moulding.

At Inox, we are here to help you in all your die casting processes – contact us now.

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