Inox’s Die Casting Solutions

Inox supplies die casting solutions to a wide range of industries with diverse applications. Our customers usually require high quality products and we deliver according to specifications at competitive unit costs. Our products have high-strength quality, near-net-shape components with thin walls and critical tolerances.
We offer casting with aluminum and zinc, being the broadest range of die casting metals in the industry.
Our full-service capabilities include die casting design optimization, making of prototypes, in-house machining, finishing and assembly.

Power Tools

Our designs for die cast enclosures and housing reveal the following features: rugged and durable components with fail-safe EMI ..


The automotive and off-road vehicle industries depend on extreme manufacturing efficiency and superior product quality…


We produce components for medical monitors, x-ray machines, electronically operated hospital beds, dental machines…


The high-tech Al and zinc die castings are examples of net-shape and near-net-shape housings and components for electrical…

Die Casting Parts Examples

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