Flip Top Cap Mold

Looking for flip top cap mold for your large production? Inox cast has wide variety of flip top cap mold solutions. We are able to lower your flip top cap mold cost and help you save your project budget.

  • 20 years of manufacturing expertise
  • Superior flip top cap mold surface finishing
  • Complete range of processing machines and services
  • Handled successful and smooth operations

Why Inox Cast is Expert in Flip Top Cap Mold

We have great experience in many years of manufacturing flip top cap mold providing all your needs from taking care of documents, providing quality molds worldwide, free samples, and great prices. We prioritize customer’s perfect satisfaction. You can free your quality time from hassle with Inox.

Cosmetic Flip Top Cap Mold
Cosmetic Flip Top Cap Mold

We can help you produce the best customizations of flip-top caps for your cosmetics purposes. You can get perfect flip top cap mold prices.

Customized Plastic Flip Top Cap Mold
Customized Plastic Flip Top Cap Mold

We can custom your flip top cap molds according to your drawing and designs from sizes, shapes, colors, thickness, and more.

Flip Top Bottle Cap Injection Mold
Flip Top Bottle Cap Injection Mold

Our flip top cap molds can produce perfect for bottle applications and purposes. It has perfect fit sizes made base on your request.

Flip Top Cap Chrome Mold
Flip Top Cap Chrome Mold

We can help you produce flip top cap chrome mold for any of your business purposes. It is available in a different numbers of cavities.

Flip Top Cap Gloss Mold
Flip Top Cap Gloss Mold

Gloss mold surfaces for your flip top caps is suitable for cosmetic bottle applications and other purposes available in your ideal sizes.

Flip Top Cap Matt Mold
Flip Top Cap Matt Mold

We have matte mold surface output for your flip top cap. It has many sizes as well and made base on your desired colors and shapes.

Flip Top Cap Sandblasting Mold
Flip Top Cap Sandblasting Mold

We design flip top cap sandblasting mold to produce perfect flip top cap appearance and durability at cheaper rates.

Flip Top Cap Texture Mold
Flip Top Cap Texture Mold

We can custom flip top cap molds in different textures and according to your product application attainable at your ideal cost.

Multi-Cavity Flip Top Cap Mold
Multi-Cavity Flip Top Cap Mold

We have multi-cavity flip top cap molds with perfect custom sizes and designs base on your request and sent drawings.

Pharmaceutical Flip Top Cap Mold
Pharmaceutical Flip Top Cap Mold

We can support your pharmaceutical bottling fabrication or any type of business-related to pharmaceutical like bottling.

Plastic Injection Flip Top Cap Mold
Plastic Injection Flip Top Cap Mold

Our plastic injection mold can produce different types of selections of flip top caps. It guaranteed durability and cost-effectiveness.

Single Cavity Flip Top Cap Mold
Single Cavity Flip Top Cap Mold

We have single cavity flip top cap molds with high-speed performance and easier to operate. We can custom your single cavity molds.

Inox Cast Flip Top Cap Mold

Inox Cast Flip Top Cap Mold

Looking for a premier producer and custom flip top cap molds supplier in China? Inox Cast has plenty of selections to offer for your needs.

Inox Cast flip top cap molds have a lot of options. You can consider the right materials, specifications, features, and customizations suitable for your products.

Flip-top caps have different sizes, shapes, designs, and applications. It is suitable for plastic bottles, glass bottles, and so on. It is widely seen in many personal things and many types of products like cosmetics, bathroom supplies, kitchen supplies, personal use like cologne, lotions, shampoo, and many more.

Inox Cast can provide different customizations of flip top cap molds that sill suit your products. We can custom you an ideal number of flip top cap molds cavities from 1 cavity to 72 cavities. We have multi-cavity technology for satisfying high speed and production requirements.

Inox Cast can help you improve your project and any type of business with excellent production ability with our high-class flip top cap molds. Inox offered it a very affordable type of mold but proudly present made of certified material.

Inox Cast flip top cap molds have great performance, producing many application types, shapes, colors, textures, and perfect surface finishing. Our flip top cap molds have great advantages for your business providing great performance in fabrication faster. It provides enough heat pressure that melts, olds, and dry to produce perfect output and product appearance.

Ensure your business success with Inox Cast since we have plenty of clients that can prove our reliability and capability. We are building amazing connections worldwide including you. We, Inox cast is very excited to work with you and help your excellent production capability.

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Flip Top Cap Mold: The Ultimate Guide

This guide will make choosing a suitable flip top cap mold a simple and easy process for you.

It has all information you are looking for about flip top cap mold.

So, keep reading to learn more.

1.  What Is Flip Top Cap Mold?

A flip-top cap mold is a machine that you can use to make different flip-top caps.

It is used by different industries to make bottle flip top caps like shampoo caps, tomato sauce caps and so many more.

Flip top cap mold

flip top cap mold

2.  Material For Making Flip Top Cap Mold

The materials best for making flip-top cap mold are stainless steel and aluminum.

Steel is hard, strong, and heavy making it a strong material.

Steel provides greater strength compared to other materials making it very desirable in making flip top cap mold.

Steel offers longer life to the mold and is capable of producing millions of high-quality parts.

Steel also offers more finishing options and has lower maintenance costs.

Aluminum is light, soft, ductile, corrosion-resistant, and very conducive to heat and electricity.

Aluminum can also be easily colored to provide a highly decorative appearance.

Compared to other materials used to make flip-top cap mold, aluminum is cheaper in tooling costs.

Aluminum is easy to repair and change since it is a soft material.

3.  Parts Of Flip Top Cap Mold

The flip-top cap mold has several parts and they include;

  • Ejector retainer plate
  • Ejector pin
  • Stripper plate
  • Springs
  • Slide
  • Cavity and core – these two parts affect the product’s shape and quality. They are very important
  • Sprue bushing – acts as a connecting object between the machine nozzle and mold face. It Offers a suitable hole that makes the material force into the runner.
  • Support block

4.  Features To Look For In Flip Top Cap Mold

When looking for a flip top cap mold, consider one that is very shining (has a mirror-like finish).

It should be made from a stainless steel material since steel is strong and resists corrosion well.

It should have a high tensile strength

Product aesthetics with excellent finish and leak-proof performance.

Dimensional accuracy.

Consistent mold functioning.

Ensure that the flip top cap mold has a faster cycle time to save on time when manufacturing the products.

They should use thicker frames to make the mold more durable and stable; this will ensure excellent mold life.

The surface of the mold should be very smooth to lower friction.

It should have a high interchangeability factor and easy spare replacement in case of any damage.

5.  Factors Determining Flip Top Cap Mold

Flip top cap mold is determined by the following factors, the size, shape, accuracy, technical requirements, and production batch of plastic parts.

  • The size of a flip top cap mold is important since that will determine the number of products that will be made from it.
  • The number of cavities and placing method.

Flip top caps are produced in large numbers hence must select one mold with multiple cavities.

  • Gating planning system. Plan the mold to be a three-part type using point gates depending on the layout of the plastic parts.

The gates are placed in the middle of the top of the plastic parts.

The point gates can significantly better the melt shear rate and make the melt viscosity large.

  • Cooling planning system.

The mold temperature adjustment system of the bottle cap mold directly influences the output power and the product quality.

A circuit is selected to better the cooling power of the cavity.

6.  How To Clean And Maintain Flip Top Cap Mold

Mold tools are prone to damage and corrosion if you don’t maintain them properly.

The maintenance of molds starts from where you store the mold to how you use it.

Do a maintenance check on the mold regularly, even if it is working.

The following are some of the ways you should maintain a blowing mold;

  • The sliding part should be thoroughly cleaned and maintained.
  • After maintenance of the mold, make sure you make an anti-rust treatment.
  • Lubricate the mold with high-temperature grease.
  • The metal scraps and scales should go through a thorough clean-up.
  • Spray all molding surfaces with mold protection.
  • Check all safety switches for damage and correction functions.
  • Clean the mold and service the parts well.

Flip Top Mold

Flip Top cap mold

7.  Industries Using Flip Top Cap Mold

You can use the flip top cap mold in several industries which make the flip top caps.

The industries include;

  • The beauty and cosmetics industry
  • The food and beverage industry
  • The consumer industry
  • Household and cleaning industry
  • Personal care industry

8.  Surface Finish For Flip Top Cap Mold

Surface finish is a process of altering the surface of the metal, and it involves removing, adding, or reshaping.

A matte or smooth surface texture is critical since it improves the appearance of the metal and gives it a polished aspect.

A surface finish also covers faults such as sinks marks, flow lines, shadow markings, and many more.

The common surface finishes for flip top cap mold include;

  1. Super high glossy finish
  2. High glossy finish
  3. Normal glossy finish
  4. Matte finish
  5. Dull textured finish
  6. Satin textured finish

9.  Benefits Of Multi-cavity Flip Top Cap Mold

A multi-cavity flip top cap mold can be divided into two-cavity molds, four cavity molds, and eight cavity molds.

Also, a multi-cavity flip top cap mold has more than one cavity of the same part and produces more than one part per production cycle.

Besides, a multi-cavity flip top cap mold has more efficient use of cycle time.

A multiple cavity flip top cap mold is advantageous when you need many identical parts within a set time frame.

Muliti cavity Flip Top cap mold

multi cavity Flip top cap mold

It produces more parts faster if you compare it to a single cavity mold.

The processes of a multi-cavity flip top cap mold are more stable.

The total cost of a multiple cavity flip top cap mold is cheaper compared to several single cavity molds.

A multiple cavity flip top cap mold has a shorter lead time per batch, making the intended number of products have a fast finishing time.

Products made from a multi-cavity flip top cap mold are quite cheaper.

10.  How To Control Quality In Flip Top Cap Mold

To control quality in flip top cap mold, make sure;

  • Each cavity and core have different cooling systems that make the production time shorter.
  • The temperature is uniform. This is achieved by making sure that each cavity heat is controlled independently.
  • Pay a lot of attention to the butterfly hinge design to make sure it is flexible and not easy to break.
  • Core and cavity are molded by using high hardness steel and anti-corrosion to ensure high precision and long mold life.
  • All parts are tooled by high precision equipment and the tolerances are under 0.02 mm.
  • It has a high-performance hot runner system with heating parts to make sure uniform melt flow and pressure in all cavities.
  • Adopt Moldflow analysis to imitate the whole injection process to guarantee to inject qualified products during mass production.

11.  Common Injection And Ejector Systems For Flip Top Cap Mold

Ejector systems include;

  • Pin ejection – cylindrical pins eject the completed aspect. When square and rectangular components are involved, no less than four pins are required at the four corners.

The number of pins needed depends on the dimensions, component profile, and the ejection area.

  • Stripper plate ejection – this calls for an extra plate in the middle of the core and cavity plates.

This ejection is preferred for components with larger areas.

  • Blade ejection – this type of ejection is recommended for thin, rectangular cross-sections.
  • Air ejection – this activates the ejection pin fitted in the core using compressed air.

The ejection pin is withdrawn using a spring.

  • Sleeve ejection – this is limited and recommended for cylindrical cores where the core is fixed in the bottom plate.
  • By rotation of core – this is used for threaded components, where the component is automatically ejected by rotating the core insert.

Injection systems include;

  • Ring gate – this is suitable for cylindrical components to eliminate weld line defects.
  • Sprue gate – this is used for large components, the gate mark is visible in components and no runner is required.
  • Tab gate – recommended for solid and thick components.
  • Submarine gate – used when auto de-gating is required to reduce cycle time.
  • Winkle gate – this is mainly used for electronics product gate flow the material under the core side.
  • Pin gate – is mainly used in three plate molds.
  • Diaphragm gate – this is most suitable for hollow cylindrical components.
  • Edge gate – this is recommended for rectangular and square components.

12.  Factors Determining Service Lifespan Of Flip Top Cap Mold

Many products have a limited lifespan and some depend on how they were used and the care and maintenance they were given.

When you use a mold to a certain extent, it starts to wear off and you need to find a replacement for it.

1. How the mold is used – when using a flip top cap mold, you should strictly adhere to the operational process.

Always clean and maintain the mold regularly, repair the mold whenever there is an issue and lubricate the mold after using it for some time, by doing all this you will increase the lifespan of the mold.

2. The material used – some materials are strong and can resist a lot of things while some are not.

The material used on a flip top cap mold will determine its lifespan.

Some of the processes the molds go through require very high temperatures hence the material used on the mold should be able to withstand the heat.

3. Machine performance – the machine performance of a mold will also determine its service lifespan.

The plastic injection mold is fixed up into the plastic injection machine so the equipment performance also affects the mold lifespan.

4. Structure design – a perfect mold structure design can successfully reinforce the carrying capacity and reduce the chances of mold cracking from stress.

A good design will add to the service lifespan of the mold.

5. Mold part processing – during mold manufacturing, the process should be precisely done and assemble the parts precisely.

Make sure the heat treatment is also done well.

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