Inox Die Casting

Inox Cast is one of very few companies with extended casting range capabilities. We have machine sizes ranging from 250 to 1300 tons, which allows the production of castings weighing as little as .001 lbs. up to 39 lbs. We are capable of producing castings in multiple alloy types of aluminum and zinc. We also employ robotic systems to ladle metal, lubricate the die and extract the finished casting.


Inox Cast considers your quality and service needs as our primary goal.  Our quality department utilizes the most up-to-date equipment to ensure that our customers receive the quality they expect and deserve. Surface finish, density, alloy composition and dimensional accuracy are closely monitored to maintain our customers’ specifications.

Why Die Casting

Die Casting save your cost for each parts,also easy for bulk orders.Inox has been in die casting business for over 20 years,we are surely an expert in this field

Die Casting Metals

Inox casting specializes in aluminum and zinc die casting , so for die casting , we often use aluminum and zinc.but if you have other metal requirement ,we are happy to help

Die Casting Process

Die casting process is very easy to handle and we use 3 and 4 axis machine to aumatic products .we will ensure you the great quality and high precision parts .

Die Casting Machine

For Die casting Machine , Inox has 10 die casting machine from Italy,40 sets CNC machines from Brother which can control the tolerance with 0.002 mm .

Die Casting Mold Design

Inox design and manufacture die casting molds in our own factory,actually die casting mold design is our main business,so we are expert in the mold design.

Surface Treatments

Inox surface treatment including Powder coating,Painting,Chrome Plating,E-coating,Anodizing,Impregnating. we will give you the high quality in your field

Die Casting Parts Examples