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Inox Cast has been a professional manufacturer of moulds and dies for more than 20 years. Our bountiful experience in this industry makes us the most trustworthy supplier and manufacturer of various moulds and dies products.

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Why Inox Cast is a Trusted Moulds and Dies Manufacturer

With more than 20 years of industry experience, this allows our vast expertise and knowledge about supplying client`s requirements. Therefore, we are capable to reach each customer`s requirements. Inox Cast offers excellent quality moulds and dies at a reasonable price. At Inox Cast, we have a complete range of moulds and dies that will surely fit your application and specification.

Automotive Moulds and Dies
Automotive Moulds and Dies

Our automotive moulds and dies are manufactured from aluminum alloy. It is available in a customized dimension.

Good quality Moulds and Dies

Inox Cast good quality moulds and dies go through the processing of decoiling, bending, cutting, punching, and welding.

Industrial Moulds and Dies
Industrial Moulds and Dies

We manufacture industrial moulds and dies parts using high-grade aluminum alloy. These are ideal for auto parts, machinery, etc.

Moulds and Dies for Injection Molding
Moulds and Dies for Injection Molding

Inox Cast manufactures molds and dies parts for injection molding. These are used in several industries such as automotive.

Moulds and Dies for Pipe Fittings

The common material we use when making moulds and dies for pipe fittings are high-grade aluminum material. Also available in aluminum and black bolor.

Moulds and Dies Machining Solution
Moulds and Dies Machining Solution

Inox Cast manufactures customized moulds and dies machining solutions. It is available in different structural designs.

Plastic Die Moulds
Plastic Die Moulds

These plastic die moulds are ideal for furniture and electronics. It is available in different surface treatments including anodizing and sand blasting.

Precision Moulds and Dies
Precision Moulds and Dies

We highly offer precision moulds and dies through our CNC milling, CNC machining, and CNC turning. And has 3450g weight.

Sand Blasting Moulds and Dies
Sand Blasting Moulds and Dies

You can get sandblasting treated moulds and dies or other surface treatment you want. This is applicable as an industrial product.

Stainless Steel Moulds and Dies

Our stainless steel moulds and dies are available with different custom thickness. Its usage is an industrial product and ISO certified.

Stamping Moulds and Dies

We produced stamping moulds and dies parts that are customized depending on your specification and exact requirements.

Standard Moulds and Dies

Our standard moulds and dies are broadly used for communication parts, household appliance, automotive parts, and so on.

Inox Cast Moulds and Dies

Inox Moulds and Dies

Are you finding the best and effective moulds and dies solution? Inox Cast can help you. These moulds and dies are applicable to make different objects with several contrasting media. Read this information about moulds and dies production.

The production and design of moulds and dies constitute an important link in the whole manufacturing chain. Plus, the lead times, cost, and the quality of moulds and dies strikes the economics of making a huge number of subassemblies, assemblies, and components in the field of automotive. Hence, moulds and dies producers are obligated to develop up to date technology.

Moulds and dies by Inox Cast are tools that are crucial to mass production in current manufacturing. These are both significant tools for shaping. The typical uses of dies are to shape sheet metal and make automobile body components.

Anyway, the materials for moulds and dies involved chromium, carbon content, die steel, cemented carbide, and high-speed steel. These are materials mostly difficult and hard to cut.

Inox Cast, as your CE-certified experts, is able to supply all kinds of moulds and dies suitable for your application. We can also create a design based on your detailed requirements. Just send us your layout or drawings.

Inox Cast is a premier company in rapid product development, tooling technologies, metrology, precision engineering, and other related products and services.

Allow Inox Cast to help you find the right solution for your moulds and dies requirements. We have different methods to help you with your business applications and projects.

Deal with us today to avail of our products and services!


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