Peek Injection Molding

Inox Cast is the only trustworthy manufacturer and supplier in China of different types of injection molding, especially peek injection molding. Creating high-quality peek injection molding has been our work of line since 1997.

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Inox Cast as Your No.1 Supplier of Peek Injection Molding

Inox Cast comprises professional personnel and mold maker engineers that can fully give your desired peek injection molding. We are your leading supplier of the best functions and conditions of moldings especially peek injection molding. We also introduce our efficient peek injection molding to our customers throughout the world. We can offer you incomparable quality and appearance of finish product at a competitive price by our peek injection molding. We are your no.1 provider of any peeking injection molding in China.

Peek Rubber Silicone Injection Molding

This peeks rubber silicone injection molding is widely applied to an applicable household product mold. Inox Cast can assist your ordered said product.

Precision Overlap Flade Peek Injection Molding

Inox Cast precision overlap flade peek injection molding is made up of raw materials that make its lasting performance possible.

Peek Medical Plastic Injection Molding

Inox Cast makes sure of the solidity and efficiency performance of this peek medical plastic injection molding. Customization of your choice is highly recommended.

Peek Injection Extrusion Molding

This peeks injection extrusion molding has outstanding comprehensive possession and can replace the traditional specific special fields.

Customized Plastic Injection Molding

This customized plastic injection molding has a mold life of about 100,000-100,0000 shots. Inox Cast can provide all your aimed injection molding.

Peek HDPE Injection Molding

We are always allowing your customized color and sizes to manufacture this peek HDPE injection molding. Inox Cast can offer you this at a negotiable cost.

High-Standard Black Peek Injection Molding

Inox Cast created this high-standard peek injection molding with valuable purpose, and most of our clients keep on ordering this.

Professional Peek Nylon Injection Molding

This Inox Cast professional peek nylon injection molding is formed with high hardness and precision. We assure its durability and reliability.

OEM Plastic Peek Injection Molding

This OEM plastic peek injection molding has available black, white, yellow, blue, and many other colors depending on your choice.

Screw Head Peek Injection Molding

This screw head peeks Inox Cast well manufactures injection molding. We provide you samples for your quality testing.

Peek Art Plastic Injection Molding

This peeking art plastic injection molding has a polished surface treatment. Inox Cast can provide the customized style you wanted to apply in molding.

Plastic Part Peek Injection Molding

This plastic part peek injection molding is widely used in all varieties of industrial applications. Inox Cast offers you the best one for your business.

Inox Cast Peek Injection Molding

Inox Cast Peek Injection Molding

Inox Cast peeks injection molding is one of the various injection moldings you can benefit from in your processing plants. It is widely used in industrial, agricultural, food processing, medical, and many other applications of peeking injection moldings.

We never fail our trusty customer’s expectations on the quality and operations of Inox Cast. We are always open to your questions and inquiries, especially about our offered peek injection molding. Functions, installations, and operations assistance of our peek injection molding is provided.

Each type of peeking injection molding we use has its own purposes and designs that suit every product you want to apply. Just let us know your choice, and we are willing to give you more details about it until it’s being processed for delivery.

Inox Cast can provide all your needs when purchasing our peek injection molding. We are your solid supplier and manufacturer that have been serving our customers for almost two decades. Trust Inox Cast, we will never disappoint you for spending time and money on our offered peek injection molding.

Inox Cast leads as the no.1 source of high-quality peeks injection molding in China. We are also confident to supply our high-durable peek injection molding outside the country. You can expect undamaged, brand new, and good condition imported peek injection molding.

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PEEK Injection Molding: The Ultimate Guide

This guide focuses on everything you need to know about PEEK injection molding.

From choosing an appropriate injection mold tooling, adopting suitable injection molding technique to equipment, among other critical aspects.

With this guide, you will be an expert in PEEK injection molding – keep reading.

1.  What Is PEEK Injection Molding?

PEEK also referred to as polyether ether ketone is a thermoplastic.

It is useful in applications where thermal, chemical and combustion qualities are important.

This material is frequently recommended because it is robust, tough, and rigid, with excellent creep resistance.

Injection molding is a manufacturing process that involves injecting molten material into a mold to create pieces.

Peek injection molding

Peek injection molding

2.  PEEK Properties For Plastic Injection Molding

PEEK has many properties that make it favorable to be used in several applications.

It is one of the best materials when it comes to strength and durability.

Its properties include;

  • Polymers have perfect resistance to weather. They can be used to make parts that can withstand any working environment.
  • The mechanical properties of PEEK include strong hardness and stiffness.

It also has an outstanding fatigue resistance as compared to the other materials.

  • Self-lubricity is also another property of PEEK.

It has good sliding qualities, making it suitable for situations requiring a low friction coefficient and wear resistance.

  • Apart from concentrated sulfuric acid, PEEK is insoluble in all solvents.

It has great chemical stability due to its corrosion resistance property.

  • Hydrolysis resistance. PEEK materials are not affected by water and any water components such as steam.

They can be used comfortably in any water setting without affecting their properties.

  • PEEK can resist flames very well. It is self-extinguishing, and even without a flame retardant, it may meet the UL rating of 94V-0.
  • Electrical properties. When it comes to resistivity, PEEK has a high volume and high surface resistivity.

It can endure the AC potential field strength of various frequencies over a wide temperature range and environmental changes while maintaining superior insulating performance.

  • Peek is easy to process. This is because of its good high-temperature fluidity and high thermal decomposition temperature.

It may be processed using several methods, such as PEEK injection molding.

3.  Factors To Consider In Injection Molding PEEK

Make Use of The Biggest Gates

To determine the gate size you need the part volume, number of cavities, and component shape.

Peek prefers larger gates.

To completely load out your component use the largest gates possible.

PEEK is a semi-crystalline polymer that has shrinkage that is significantly higher than others.

Use A Dry Peek Polymer

PEEK granules are normally dry but may attract moisture from the environment.

You should dry the pellets overnight or on trays in circulating ovens for around two hours at 150-1600 degrees Celcius.

The residual moisture level should be reduced to less than 0.02 percent.

Good Temperature Control

To get a semi-crystalline component that can make full use of  PEEK’s particular  combination of characteristics, the mold temperature is important.

A mold temperature ranging from 170-200 degrees Celcius should be able to be maintained, based on the grade being molded.

One should note that this should also be the surface temperature of the mold, not only the fixed temperature.

Oil heaters with isolated flow lines can be used for bigger shot sizes or tools with large cores.

Electrical heaters can be used for smaller pieces.

Maintain A High Level of Cleanliness

When processing PEEK, one should try to avoid contamination.

A high level of cleanliness should be observed when molding PEEK.

Most polymers degrade at PEEK processing temperatures.

It is advised to begin with containers used to house runners or parts, clean drying ovens, hoppers, and injection molders.

Before the molding process of PEEK begins, remove screws and properly wash and brush the barrel and screw.

It is important to maintain a high level of cleanliness.

Any impurities that find their way to the injection molding process will leave black spots on the end product.

Equipment Used

PEEK may be molded using standard injection molding machines.

Most typical injection molders with cylinder heaters can achieve these temperatures without requiring any modifications.

Heater bands or controllers are the ones that need modifications frequently.

If you want the most consistent processing, you should use ceramic heater bands.

To save money on energy costs use barrel blankets to provide heat insulation.

A general-purpose screw works the best.

4.  Recommended PEEK Injection Molding Temperature

To properly mold PEEK and its compounds, depending on the grade being molded.

To ensure quench-cooling into the amorphous state does not happen, you should maintain mold temperatures between 170-200 degrees Celcius.

One should be able to take into account that this should be the surface temperature of the mold, not only the fixed temperature.

5.  PEEK Injection Molding Process

The first step is creating a mold. The mold is divided into two sections, one fixed and one movable.

Easy part ejection is determined by the mold design.

The second step involves fixing the mold in a special machine called an injection molding machine.

The two parts of the mold are tightly pushed together.

The material is poured into a heated plasticizing screw.

The screw’s spin, combined with the temperature, softens the pellets, which are then turned into the molten plastic material.

peek injection molding process

peek injection molding process

Before injection, the molten and deformable material is held at the front of the screw.

It is critical at this stage to ensure that the mold is filled before the material solidifies.

Inject the softened plastic materials under high pressure and heat in the mold.

This is why we keep sending the material under pressure to compensate for the withdrawal that occurs when the material cools.

The fourth step involves cooling the entire structure via cooling tubes within the mold. The object is then ejected from the mold as a result of this action.

The last step is to eject the part.

6.  Choosing Mold For PEEK Injection Molding

Before choosing a mold for PEEK injection molding process, these are some of the things you should think about;

Number Of Parts To Be Manufactured

Before choosing a mold, one should be sure of the number of parts that the mold is expected to make.

You should know whether the mold is expected to create a lot of parts or will it need to produce only a few parts.

Stage Of Project Development

The level of development of your project is an important consideration in mold selection.

In the early phases, you may usually expect a lower-cost, lower-quality mold, because of the many design revisions and modifications in this stage.

Building Time

Building a brand new mold is generally one of the most time-consuming aspects of your project.

Molds can be built in a matter of weeks or over several months.

A production-ready mold may take up to 12-18 weeks if you are ready to run high-volume.

Initial Mold Construction Cost

Molds have different prices in the market. Some are quite expensive while others are relatively affordable.

To avoid going over the budgeted amount, you should ensure you consider the cost in your budget early on.

Mold parts, their custom molding features, and their categorization all have an impact on the cost of your mold.

Part Geometry Or Complicated Designs

There are several part shapes and features that are needed in every mold-making process.

As a result, some elements must be manufactured of hardened steel rather than softer materials such as aluminum.

The choice of material may also affect mold making. Certain mold materials do not mix well with specific plastic materials.

Overmolding PEEK

Overmolding is a one-of-a-kind injection molding process that results in the seamless integration of numerous materials into a single part or product.

Overmolding is a process that one can use to produce plastic items with a rubber handle.

Overmolding a toothbrush, for example, is a two-step procedure that involves producing a base layer for the plastic handle and a top layer of rubber.

Manufacturers who wish to add a soft-touch surface to their products that improve grip or feel and give a sleek.

This is appealing appearance are ideal candidates for overmolding. Overmolding also minimizes shock and vibration.

overmolding peek

overmolding peek

It also dampens sound, provides electrical insulation, and improves chemical/UV resistance, all of which extend product life.

Overmolding boosts product viability and customer satisfaction while reducing manufacturing costs.

7.  Defects In PEEK Injection Molding

Any injection molding process can have defects. Defects generally occur during the injection molding process.

They may cause unfinished parts or parts that may not work as they should.

PEEK injection molding can have defects such as;

  • Warping – Warping which is also known as a warpage is where some regions of the molded component are altered by shrinkage that is not equal.

Cooling of the mold material unevenly causes warping.

  • The dark color and transparent edges – low mold temperature during the injection molding process is the main cause.

The temperatures should always be right to avoid such.

  • Jetting – When the melt temperature is too low and the viscosity of the molten plastic becomes too high.

It increases the resistance of the molten plastic’s flow through the mold causing jetting.

  • Burn marks – Burn marks form on the surface of injection molded prototypes and are brownish.

Burn markings are made from either a great number of injection speeds or overheating which then results in the breakdown of the plastic material.

  • Voids – sometimes pockets of air become trapped within the surface of the injection-molded prototypes causing vacuum voids.

Vacuum spaces come up because of uneven solidification between the prototype’s surface and inner portions.

  • Short moldings – when molten plastic does not fill the mold cavity or cavities fully, it causes short moldings.

The end product will then have a section that has no plastic.

  • Excessive shrinkage – this is caused by the gates being too small and may also be caused by the processing conditions.
  • Flashing – Flash is a molding flaw caused by molten plastic escaping from the mold cavity.

When the mold is not held together with enough force to withstand the opposing, a flash can occur, allowing the plastic to seep through.

8.  Applications Of PEEK Injection Molding

Used In The Medical Industry

Because PEEKs have many properties, some of them such as their high strength make them suitable to be used in the medical industry.

Most medical equipment parts benefit from the properties of PEEK such as its high strength.

PEEK is used in place of titanium as artificial bone material.

Industry Of Aerospace

Even though aluminum is the preferred material for the aerospace industry.

PEEK can still be used in some aircraft because of its lightweight properties. It is lighter than aluminum.

The production process of PEEK is quite expensive, but at the same time has superior recyclability to aluminum thus making it favorable in this industry.

Automobile Industry

PEEK resin has taken over the European industry in a very short time. It is used in several areas in the automotive parts sector.

PEEK plastic injection mold was utilized as the manufacturing material for parts around the engine, rather than using high-priced metals.

Injection-molded PEEK resin is cost-effective and lightweight and that is why it will always be in demand in the automobile industry.

Used In Parts Of Office Machinery

Instead of using metal for the separating claws of copiers, bearings that resist heat, chains, gears, and so on.

You can use PEEK resin because the components can be lightweight, fatigue-resistant, and oil-free.

PEEK Is Used In Electrical Applications

PEEK insulates electricity well. Even at high temperatures, it keeps its mechanical qualities.

Electrical instruments such as soldering machines that require high temperatures can benefit the most from it.

9.  Benefits Of PEEK Injection Molding

PEEK injection molding has certain benefits that benefit from it and they include;

  • One can achieve part designs that are different using PEEK injection molding. This means one can get several part designs that are identical or even different.

Parts with high quality and any design specifications can be achieved using PEEK injection molding.

  • PEEK injection molding allows for easy modification. One can get a variety of parts with the required material and color.

You are also able to make the needed parts and also can make several parts.

  • The labor costs are extremely low when using PEEK injection molding. It can produce many quality parts but at a low cost.
  • PEEK injection molding is very efficient and is quite fast compared to the others. One can create parts at a very fast rate thus reducing the labor costs.
  • If you are looking to have parts that are strong and long-lasting, PEEK injection molding is the best option.
  • PEEK injection molding is a high-volume production process that minimizes waste production.

10.  PEEK Grade To Use In Injection Molding

  • 30 percent Glass Fiber Reinforced – glass fiber is added to minimize expansion rate and boost flexural modulus.

In applications that need temperatures above higher than three hundred degrees Fahrenheit, PEEK material can be used.

When strength, rigidity, and stability are important, this material should be used.

  • Bearing Grade is carbon fiber with graphite and PTFE lubricant blend.

This PEEK grade has the lowest friction and the finest machinability of any PEEK grade.

This is also the most easily machined material.

  • 30 percent Carbon-Fiber Reinforced – Carbon fibers increase thermal conductivity and reduce expansion.

This Peek material has the best wear resistance and load-carrying capacity of any PEEK grade.

  • Unfilled – this is an unreinforced, resistant to steam and water general purpose grade.

It also has the highest elongation and durability of any grade. For device components where aesthetics are important, this is the perfect grade.

11.  PEI Injection Molding Vs PEEK Injection Molding

Both PEEK and PEI are high-performance plastics and depending on the grade, they are available as blocks, rods, powders, or pellets.

Parts constructed of PEEK or PEI are frequently utilized in areas where temperature or chemical exposure may be an issue.

PEI is utilized in several places. As an example, PEI is used to make the plastic cabin panels found in airplanes.

PEI injection molding

PEI injection molding

PEI-based medical equipment benefits from the material’s ability to endure the high temperatures required for sterilization.

PEI parts are commonly used in electronics, appliances, the oil and gas industry, and aerospace.

PEEK is unlikely to react with neighboring materials because it is chemically inert. This makes it perfect for use in the food business.

When it comes to costs, PEI is a lot more expensive compared to PEEK. PEEK can easily be twice as expensive as a PEI product. PEEK may also require more expensive tooling due to its high temperature.

peek injection molding

peek injection molding

PEI is a lot easier to handle when it comes to injection molding processing and equipment, but PEEK might be more difficult to handle.

12.  Limitations Of PEEK Injection Molding

Peek injection molding may result in a lot of waste material during the injection molding process.

PEEK may require more expensive tooling due to its high temperature which results in high processing costs.

Peek is a lot tougher to handle and its injection molding process is cumbersome and low efficient.

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