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Inox Cast is a qualified manufacturer and supplier of PET bottle mould products. We deliver wide range of PET bottle moulds products across the countries in the world.

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Why Inox Cast is a Professional Manufacturer and Supplier of PET Bottle Mould

Since the company was established in 1997, Inox Cast is dedicated to providing ultimate PET bottle mould parts and services. We gained over decades of experience in this field. Therefore, we can assure every customer of the best solution for your needs. The professional R&D team in our company is professional in prototype development, designing, and production of PET bottle mould products. Contact us to get more info.

4 Cavity PET Bottle Mould
4 Cavity PET Bottle Mould

All of our 4 cavity PET bottle mould finished products have bright and smooth bottle surface. Its weight is light.

250ml PET Bottle Mould

Inox Cast produces 250ml PET bottle mould products with less thermal cracking tendencies. Its polishing property is excellent.

500ml PET Bottle Die Mould
500ml PET Bottle Die Mould

We manufacture 500ml PET bottle die mould accessories using raw materials which involves stainless steel. It offers better surface quality.

Aluminium PET Bottle Mould

The Inox Cast aluminium PET bottle moulds are used commonly in packaging industries. It is lightweight and has a bright surface.

Die Steel PET Bottle Mould
Die Steel PET Bottle Mould

Using the die steel material in producing designs for pet bottle mould is much better. It is available in polishing surface finished.

Handle PET Bottle Die Mould
Handle PET Bottle Die Mould

The thermal conductivity of aluminum in our handle pet bottle die mould is good. It has a mirror polished which makes the product more catching.

Hot Filled Plastic Bottle Mould
Hot Filled Plastic Bottle Mould

Hot filled plastic bottle mould is certificated by CE and ISO9001 quality standards. The corners of the bottle are definite than others.

PET Bottle Blow Die

We manufacture pet bottle blow die products that are broadly applicable for the construction or packaging industry.

PET Bottle Mould for Water Bottle
PET Bottle Mould for Water Bottle

The weight of our PET bottle mould for the water bottle is light. Its polishing finish also is better and can accomplish the mirror result.

Pharma PET Bottle Mould

Our pharma pet bottle mould is manufactured using stainless steel or die steel material to ensure longevity and reliability. Offered at the best prices.

Stainless Steel PET Bottle Mould
Stainless Steel PET Bottle Mould

Inox Cast design department is equipped with 3D software operating on the latest objectives to create tooling like stainless steel pet bottle moulds with custom shapes.

Two Cavity PET Bottle Mould
Two Cavity PET Bottle Mould

We used anticorrosive, higher strength steel material to ensure the quality of our two cavity pet bottle mould. Available in semi- or fully automatic options.

Inox Cast PET Bottle Mould

Inox Cast PET Bottle Mould

Inox Cast is a highly qualified supplier and manufacturer of PET bottle mould products. For many years of providing great services, we have complete capabilities in giving customers a full range of PET bottle mould designs. We, Inox Cast promise you that we can give you the finest parts you need for your basic applications.

As an ultimate producing expert, we ensure that we are fully equipped with highly advanced production technology. For this reason, we are capable that we can provide you with numerous designs of PET bottle mould for your essential needs.

Each and every PET bottle mould designs we offer are used in different applications, especially in custom packaging industries. Used in food packaging, chemical packaging, cosmetic packaging, plastic beverage packaging, auto packaging, and so on. Inox Cast offers you the ultimate solution for your running business.

Anyway, the PET bottle mould by Inox Cast has outstanding properties such as having a bright and smooth bottle surface. The corners and edges of the bottle are definite compared to others. Light in weight and has anticorrosive characteristics. The bottle has mirror polish as well that beautifies the product`s appearance.

Along with Inox Cast`s advanced design tools and years of experience, we can turn your bottle design requirement into reality and guarantees it surpass your expectation.

Inox Cast pays much attention to the bottle volume and shape. During the manufacturing, we make sure to select the most perfect machining tools and method to obtain an outstanding mould body.

Plus, we rigorously test the mould many times to study the bottle definite volume, final shape, and parting line. We verified that the mould meets the exact requirements of the customers.

Choose Inox Cast to be your PET bottle mould premier provider! We completely understand the needs of customers and gives a fast response to your concerns. We also ship your orders in a short delivery time.

PET Bottle Mould: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you are probably looking for a reliable PET bottle mould.

A reason this guide will take you through everything you need to know about PET bottle mould – from design, features, to material type, among other vital aspects.

So, keep reading to learn more.

1.  What Is PET Bottle Mould?

It is a tooling made of Aluminum or steel material that is used to manufacture plastic bottles and containers used for packaging water, foods and other personal care products.

A PET Bottle Mould

A PET Bottle Mould

2.  Where Can You Use PET Bottle Moulds?

PET bottle mould can be used in companies with standards and durable products for manufacturing of jars, cans, water bottles and other similar products hence in various shapes and sizes.

3.  Can You Use PET Bottle Moulds With Other Plastics?

Absolutely yes.

The mould can be used in manufacturing large quantities of hollow parts like bottles, jars and other containers hence it has three stages;

  • Injection.
  • Moulding.
  • Ejection.

4.  How Does Steel PET Bottle Mould Compare To Aluminum Bottle Mould?

A Stainless Steel PET Bottle Mould

A Stainless Steel Bottle Mould

  • Aluminum has a low pricing when we look at the raw cost compared to steel hence it is best if your investment will be Aluminum than for steel.
  • Aluminum offers a better value for low-volume upfront costs and ability to reliably produce parts into thousands of pieces than steel which offers high-volume upfront cost.
  • Aluminum has a higher rate of heat dissipation compared to steel hence Aluminum Molds can heat and cool much more than steel Molds which takes much time in cooling.
  • Steel offers the best standard injection molding resin when reinforced with other additives and aa softer metal like Aluminum runs a greater risk of scratches or other damages.
  • Aluminum is better able to approach uniform heating and cooling times hence has the advantage in decreasing the number of defectives and rejects parts.
  • Steel Molds are difficult to repair due to extreme hardness of the material compared to Aluminum which has a softer material.
  • Steel has a superior durability than Aluminum and other materials hence the higher upfront investment required more than pays and can also lower parts per cost than other materials.

An Aluminum PET Bottle Mould

An Aluminum PET Bottle Mould

5.  Why Invest In PET Bottle Mould?

PET bottle mould is profitable and suitable for personal business hence it enables the bottlers to market with freedom.

This enables them to distinguish the differentiation between packaging design and product segmentation.

Moreover, it offers a better compatibility with new types of resin and packaging shapes producing polyethylene terephthalate as well as recycled PET, bioPET and polylactic acid bottles.

The bottle mould has a low investment and high energy saving hence the process is easy and produce a high-quality finished product.

6.  Which Features Of PET Bottle Mould Should You Look For?

The following are the characteristics of a good pet bottle mould you should consider;

  • Mould material hardness.

The hardness of the material determines how much the moulded plastic can be indented hence the softer plastic is used to develop products that needs a lot of design.

  • The cost of the pet bottle mould

The buying value of the product will cover the cost hence to justify the cost of the process.

The cost of the thermoplastic material is considerable when the product is developed in mass production.

  • The weight of the material.

The weight of the polymer determines the product weight hence you have to focus on how much the product has to weigh and how much a polymer will weigh.

Some products have to be light while some has to be heavy depending where they are going to be used for common daily use.

  • The flexibility of the mould.

The mold must have the ability to bend under stress without tear hence its stiffness will make it resist to bend under extreme pressure.

A PET Bottle Mould Should Bend WIthout Tear Under Pressure

A PET Mould Should Bend Without Tear Under Pressure

7.  What Determines Lifespan Of PET Bottle Mould?

Here are factors determining the lifespan of pet bottle mould;

  • Operational status.

Repairing and maintaining the mold promotes its life span thus you have to lubricate the mould after using it for some time.

  • Machine performance.

This is important since mould is the mother of modern industry and it is fixed up into the plastic injection machine hence it’s an economic way to produce the customized products.

  • Mould material.

Different lifespan grade is determined by different mould material hence P20 for 300000times and 45# for 500000times.

P20 AND 45# are commonly used in reality unless the customers have another requirement for the lifetime of mold.

  • Structure design.

The design determines the durability of the mould hence to reign force the load-carryings capacity and evade the mold cracking from stress concentrating points.

  • Processing Mould parts.

We always pay attention to the CNC machining/EDM/heat retreatment during mold manufacturing procedure.

Therefore, manufacturing of the mould components and assembly determines the mould lifespan.

8.  How Should You Maintain PET Bottle Moulds?

Maintenance of a tool usually extend the lifespan and also boost the quality of its output.

Hence there are many factors determining a maintenance plan for Aluminum mould tooling.

Here are the cleaning methods of pet bottle moulds;

  • Laser cleaning.

It burns off mold contaminants and reflect off the clean metal surface.

  • Dry ice blasting.

This is installed in the injection machine hence it is a very great cleaning technique.

  • Blasting of soft plastic media.

Soft plastic media blasting is used to clean the mold surface without damaging surface texture and polish since sand blasting media will damage the mold surface.

  • Ultrasonic submerging cleaning.

All the surface of the mould is scrubbed with cavitation bubbles.

  • Chemical cleaning.

This is a chemical bath and manual scrub or hooking up the cooling channels to a chemical recirculation circuit to remove mineral build-up.

A Laser Cleaning Machine

A Laser cleaning Machine That Can Be used To maintain A PET Mould

9.  What Should You Consider Before Buying PET Bottle Moulds?

  1. Part design.

Real design creativity comes from minds that can find solution hence considering the manufacturing process limitations.

This is achieved when the part designer, mold maker and injection moulder work hand in hand.

  1. Proper risk management.

Planning and communication help in budgeting and anticipating in potential issues hence planning for a possible mold re-cut plastic feature into tolerance range.

  1. Cost saving on tooling.

To maintain the condition of the mold help to prevent loss of time and repair activities hence saving cost of scrap and drain of resources.

  1. Design review.

Take your time with the mold review hence to get the right choice on mold cooling, filling and ejection attributes.

  1. Standardize mold features.

This will help you save money and time by making sure you supply the mold maker with standards for clamps slots, lift bars and connection sizes.

  1. Check in with shops and quality groups for new arrival of tool to ensure you get what you needed hence review for things like; heater cables and plugs, hoses and bolts.

10.  How Can You Improve Efficiency Using PET Bottle Moulds?

You can improve efficiency when using PET bottle moulds by injecting plastic into the mold at a high pressure hence creating a natural pull to force the mold open.

11.  How Do You Choose Best PET Bottle Mould Design?

Here are some of the considerations when choosing PET bottle mould design;

  • The moulding can be removed from the mould only if you ensure the angles on the sides are all uniformed.
  • The cost of the mould and the unit cost of the moulding are affected by the size of the machine for the multi-cavity which is affected with the number of cavities.
  • At the mould design stage, the label to be inserted during the moulding sequence has to be considered.
  • Consider a point or points to which the injection moulds will require at which the molten plastic is introduced to them.
  • Weight, thickness and surface are of the moulding also affect cycle time hence cooling has to be controlled carefully where mouldings have varying thickness.

This will help to avoid depression on the out surface of the moulding cause by excessive shrinkage of the moulding.

  • The cycle time of the moulding can be affected with the shape of the moulded part hence ensure the mould is of good shape too.
  • Before the mould is complete, the surface finish of the moulding needs to be decided hence any imperfection of the finish moulding will transfer every mould made.

12.  What Should You Look For In PET Preform Bottle Mould?

  • High efficiency and the fastest life cycle times.
  • Innovative hot runners with ultra-technology.
  • Evident self-cleaning design.
  • Proven design for the longest service life.
  • The lowest dimensional variability.

13.  What Are The Parts Of PET Bottle Mould?

These are the components of PET bottle mould;

  • Cooling system.
  • Cavities.
  • Guide pillars/bushing.
  • Ejector system.
  • Ejector plate system.
  • Clamp plate.
  • Nozzle/sprue bushing.
  • Feed system.

14.  What Are The Common Defects Associated With PET Bottle Mould?

The following are the defects associated with PET bottle mould.

  • Flow lines.
  • Warping.

Warping Defect

Warping Defect

  • Vacuum voids.
  • Sink marks.
  • Weld lines.
  • Jetting.
  • Delamination.
  • Discoloration.
  • Short shot.
  • Flash.
  • Burn marks.

Burn Marks defect

Burn Marks

15.  Can You Repair PET Bottle Mould?

Absolutely yes.

It is good to repair the mould for it has a direct impact on the mould equipment performance and you will save time and money plus it will extent the lifespan of the equipment.

16.  How Do You Manufacture PET Bottle Mould?

Blow moulding is used to produce plastic containers and other hollow parts of all sizes hence there are three types of blow moulding:

  • Extrusion blow moulding.
  • Injection blow moulding.
  • Injection stretches blow moulding.

It is a common process for production of hollow containers hence ranging commodity products.

In extrusion blow moulding, the annular die first filled with melted polymer.

A plunger then pushes the melted polymer into the open mold cavity, forming a parison a tube-like piece of plastic with a hole in one end then the mold closes.

This helps in sealing the bottom of the parison and forming the neck of the bottle.

Compressed air enters pushing the parison to the mold wall then the bottle is cooled and ejected from the mold.

Melted polymer is injected into the preform mold forming the bottles neck hence the preform is then rotated to the bottle mold.

The mold closes and compressed air enters expanding the preform to the cool mold walls hence the water channels within the mold helps in cooling.

The mold opens and the finished bottle is ejected and retain the desired shape without warping.

Extrusion Blow Molding Process

Extrusion Blow Molding process

17.  How Can You Test Quality Of PET Bottle Mould?

We have many types of tests to check the quality of PET bottle hence to provide the best quality products to the customers.

  • Top load tester which is used to test the strength of the PET bottles to tolerate the buckling forces.
  • Preform perpendicularity tester which is used to test the PET BOTTLES are in good shape and size.

17.  Can PET Bottle Mould Fit All Blow Moulding Machines?

Definitely yes.

After preform, the bottle is automatically positioned into the mould then high-pressure food grade compressed air is injected into the preform which expands to form shape of the mould.

19.  Do You Have Custom PET Bottle Mould?

Absolutely yes.

Before placing an order, you have to provide the type of bottle blowing machine of your company then a sample and your sketch.

20.  Are There Multi Cavity PET Bottle Mould?

Of course, yes.

Multi-cavity mold has more than one cavity and produces more than one part per production cycle hence allowing you to make more efficient use of the cycle time.

21.  What Are The Available Sizes Of PET Bottle Moulds?

The available sizes of PET bottle moulds range from 200ml to 10 litres hence the energy consumption for production of bottles is between 6000 to 52000 bottles an hour.

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