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We have professional engineering who uses the latest versions of SolidWorks and UG for part and tool modeling. Besides, Inox Cast can be adjusted according to the client’s and customer’s applications. Inox Cast is a certified provider of Pvc Mold for more than 20 years.  We also have great experience in exporting molds and moldings to Europe. Inox Cast can provide different Pvc Mold worldwide. Send your quote now!

Customized Pvc Plastic Injection Molding
Customized Pvc Plastic Injection Molding

Inox Cast has a rich experience in producing high-quality customized pvc plastic Injection molding. Our customized pvc plastic injection molding has a mold life of 100k- 500k Shots. Made of plastic and aluminum alloy.

Precision Plastic Injection Molding Rubber Abs Pvc
Precision Plastic Injection Molding Rubber Abs Pvc

Precision plastic injection molding rubber Abs Pvc mold equipment are high speed, wire cutting, grinding, laser marking, drilling, spotting machine. And have a mold life of 50K-1.5 million shots.

Plastic Injection Mold Pvc Plastic Products
Plastic Injection Mold Pvc Plastic Products

This kind of pvc mold applied to the production of metal rubber shock absorption support, bushing of automobile chassis, engine, transmission system, and suspension system. Advantages are high service life, high precision, and short lead time.

Pvc Acrylic Plastic Injection Molding Tooling Molds
Pvc Acrylic Plastic Injection Molding Tooling Molds

Inox Cast can provide pvc acrylic plastic injection molding tooling molds depends on the client’s demands, we will show suggestions to customers to choose the suitable material.

High Quality Plastic Pvc Joint Pipe Fitting Mold
High Quality Plastic Pvc Joint Pipe Fitting Mold

We are a tool and diemaker for high-quality plastic pvc joint pipe fitting mold according to different customer’s requirements. Our product has qualified steel with high hardness. Inox Cast is your best provider.

Pvc Mold for Plastic Toys Cheap Injection
Pvc Mold for Plastic Toys Cheap Injection

Our pvc mold for plastic toys cheap injection can also be divided into injection molding and die-casting methods. This is customization plastic injection molding. Inox Cast product is 100% reliable. Get yours Now.

PVC Pipe Extrusion Mold Plastic Pipe Extrusion Die Mold
PVC Pipe Extrusion Mold Plastic Pipe Extrusion Die Mold

Pvc pipe extrusion mold plastic pipe extrusion die mold is co-extrusion molds for steel-plastic and aluminum-plastic composite, colors co-extrusion molds of the board, wire duct, mold for pvc quick assembling wallboard.

Injection Mini Plastic Part Injection Molding
Injection Mini Plastic Part Injection Molding

Inox Cast provides high-quality injection mini plastic part Injection molding for all customer’s requirements. We provide this for packaging, consumer appliances, home automation, and automotive sectors, etc.

PVC Fittings Maker Plastic Mold
PVC Fittings Maker Plastic Mold

Choose Inox Cast as your professional and expert partner through the entire production cycle, taking your product from concept to reality. PVC fittings maker plastic mold has a mold life of 50K-1.5 million shots.

PVC PC Quality Plastic Injection Mold

If your quantity is beyond our storage, we will provide lead time to you. Our PVC PC quality plastic injection mold. Choose Inox Cast as your professional provider in China.

Custom PVC High Precision Auto Parts Injection Mold
Custom PVC High Precision Auto Parts Injection Mold

This product is Custom PVC High Precision Auto Parts Injection Mold for vehicle mold hot runner null. Inox Cast can complete a plastic solution to assemble your ideal product requirements.

PVC Pipe Fitting Plastic Injection Mold
PVC Pipe Fitting Plastic Injection Mold

Inox Cast has provided our own mold-making production line like PVC pipe fitting plastic injection mold, it’s better for us to control the quality, and improve our effectiveness to shorten the production time.

Pvc Mold

Inox Cast – Pvc Mold

Inox Cast is an absolute and classic Pvc Mold provider and designer in China. You can sure Inox Cast takes up good production into reliable and trustworthy services. Inox Cast can design Pvc Mold in different dimensions.

Our Pvc Mold is applied to the production of automobile chassis, engine, transmission system, and suspension system. Advantages are high service life, high precision, and short lead time.

Inox Cast made it with the good and best quality of our Pvc Mold. Inox Cast provides it to help and give solutions to all our customers and clients nationwide. We know that Pvc Mold is the most commonly used material.

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PVC Mold: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Probably, you are looking for high quality and reliable PVC mold.

Or, you would like to learn more about PVC mold.

Well, this guide has all information you are looking for – keep reading to learn more.

1.  What Is a PVC Mold?

This is a tooling that is used for PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) injection molding.

The PVC Mold is manufactured using a combination of steel plates together with other mold components.

PVC Mold

PVC Mold

They are combined together to create an overall mold.

The PVC Mold is afterwards dependably assembled and then joined to an injection molding machine. This machine will apply molten PVC to the mold to form the required shape and achieve the required purpose.

2.  How Does Molding Conditions Affect The Operations Of A PVC Mold?

There are very many molding conditions that can impact the normal operations of a PVC Mold.

Some of these conditions are as listed below with their impact on the PVC Mold operations:

a) Nozzle Temperature: the barrel zones are used to adjust the nozzle temperature so that the melted PVC is retained in the injection cylinder.

The nozzle freezes if this not done hence the melted PVC material will not be properly injected into the PVC Mold.

The PVC can leak from the nozzle if the temperatures become excess thus pressure relief tools are used to inhibit this.

The ensure that the PVC material that does not go into the PVC Mold is sucked and returned to the cylinder.

b) Processing Time: Normally, a PVC Mold takes about 30 to 60 seconds for production of a standard PVC part.

However, this time may be increased when factors such as mold temperatures, dimensions and part size come into play.

Delivery time from process to the client can be estimated by taking such factors into account. This will include the number of parts requested for production.

c) Mold Temperature: The PVC Mold should have an optimum operating temperature range that varies between 22°C to 55°C.

The significance of the PVC Mold temperature is the impact it has on the shrinkage of the PVC material.

d) Injection Speeds: the PVC thickness and the dimensions of the Mold majorly determine the injection speeds used in PVC Molds.

Thin PVC parts can be filled faster in the PVC Mold compared to parts that are thicker.

e) Screw Speeds and Backpressure: backpressure can be described as the phenomenon of resistance to forward flow by the PVC.

Efficient injection of Molten PVC into the PVC Mold is made possible by screw speeds and backpressure working together.

A minimum backpressure of around 50 to 125 is considered optimum. The total PVC Molding

time increases with excess backpressure.

3.  What Are The Main Functions Of A PVC Mold?

A PVC Mold is basically supposed to carry out three main functions namely:

  • Contain the Molten PVC
  • Transfer of Heat
  • Expel the Molded PVC part

When it comes to containing Molten PVC, the PVC Mold should be able to withstand extreme forces that may open or deflect it.

It must also have a feed system directing the PVC Melt into the cavity of the PVC Mold from the molding machine.

Furthermore, such ancillary functions tend bring about tertiary functions if definite PVC Mold components are used to achieve them.

During the design phase, such functions should be taken as just an essential secondary or primary function sample.

When it comes to expelling the molded part, the PVC Mold should have ejector pins placed in areas where cooling lines are not needed.

It’s the responsibility of the PVC Mold designer to design a mold that fulfills conflicting requirements.

Fulfilling all the functional requirements of a PVC Mold may sometimes lead to overdesigning. This will result in bulky, costly and inefficient PVC Molds.

4.  What Are The Components of PVC Mold?

The PVC Mold is generally made up of the following parts:

a) The Mold Insert: this part is used in the formation of PVC products and is made by the Mold Manufacturing company.

Mold inserts have been known to take up a huge percentage of the PVC Mold production process.

b) Mold Auxiliary Parts: the auxiliary parts include the lifting ring, location ring, the guide pin and support pillar.

Other additional auxiliary parts are the plate used for ejection and the guide bushing.

c) The Four Main Systems:

  • Runner/Injection System: the runner can be described as the path of flow followed by the molten PVC as it enters the mold cavity from the nozzle.

The system includes the gate, the main runner, the sub-runner and the col slug.

The injection system directly impacts the quality of the PVC molded part and the overall efficiency of production.

  • Ejection System: this system is responsible for the removal of the PVC part from the mold cavity after cooling.

It is composed of parts such as sleeves, blade pins and ejector pins.

  • Heating and Cooling System: the system, that includes a preheating device and hot runner provide heat to the PVC Mold when molten PVC has been injected.

Cooling water is responsible for bringing the temperatures down before ejection.

  • Venting System: responsible for letting out excess heat, any form of process smoke or vapor.

It is composed of parts like insert venting, venting slot, injector pin venting and surface venting.

PVC Mold

PVC mold

5.  Under What Circumstances is Through-Hardened Steel Used To Make A PVC Mold?

When manufacturing PVC Molds, some circumstances may force the manufacturer to opt for through-hardened steel. They include:

  • If the PVC Mold has to carry out very long production runs
  • If the PVC Mold will be used in high pressure processes
  • To offer resistance arising from some molding materials
  • To withstand extreme injection or closing pressures

Such steels are initially brought in a soft annealed condition then rough-machined and stress-relieved before being semi-finish machined.

The required hardness is then achieved by finish-machining it and normally polished.

By using cavity inserts or mold made of through-hardened steel, wear resistance is improved with better indentation and deformation resistance.

Improved wear resistance is really important when molten PVC is used in the cavities.

6.  What Should You Consider When Choosing A PVC Mold?

There are various considerations to keep in mind while sourcing for a PVC Mold. They include:

Financial Cost

The cost of acquiring a PVC Mold is always made very high by how much the machine will cost.

The design of the PVC Mold has a great impact on its cost depending on its level of complexity.

Production Quantity

It is crucial to have a definite number of parts that are going to be manufactured.

This assists in determining the kind of PVC Mold that is appropriate and cost effective.

Production Consideration

When the cycle time is reduced, the production will improve the same way as using hot runner Mold machines.

Using a PVC Mold with efficient thought-out tooling can increase savings used in parts.

Design Factors

Having a minimal number of parts with a simple geometry can help in settling on a cost friendly PVC Mold.

The reduced complexity and mold design also reduce post production defects.

7.  What Are The Essential Elements when Designing PVC Mold?

Any designer or company with interest in making a PVC Mold should have in mind that different elements are used to settle on its design.

Some of these important elements include:

a) A conduit that is used to transport the molten PVC into the Mold cavity from the machine nozzle. These may include:

  • Hot runners
  • Cold runners

b) Ventilation that can either be through vacuum venting, natural venting or a combination of both.

c) PVC Mold part ejection can be handled in very many ways namely:

  • Automated removal
  • Hand/manual removal
  • Forced ejection
  • Use of ejectors like sleeves and pins
  • Ejection by air

d) Determining the number of cavity spaces and their corresponding cores. PVC Molds can have several preformed mold cavities.

e) A cooling system made in such a way that it aids the ejection of the molded PVC part from the cavity.

f) PVC Mold attachment to the machine which can be applied using various methods like:

  • Attaching Molds that are limited to a single machine
  • Attaching Molds that can be utilized by more than a single machine
  • Having options of changing the molds that are very easy

8.  What Are The Advantages Of A PVC Mold?

A PVC Mold has the following advantages:

Cost Efficient

PVC Molds work efficiently with very little labor needed and with simple machine operation techniques.

It can be considered as one of the most less costly processes used in part manufacturing with the ability to produce tight-angled parts.

Simple Operation

Operating a PVC Mold entails very minimal effort and the operators range of skill is not as thorough as required by other operations.


PVC Molds have the ability to be integrated in procedures that are subordinately automated from design to concept.

This ensures improved efficiency and increased production of parts per cycle.

Enhanced Accuracy

Correctly using a PVC Mold ensures the production of very detailed and amalgamated parts with utmost accuracy.

Complex PVC parts will not require any further post-production machining.

9.  What Are The Different Gates In a PVC Mold?

The gate of a PVC Mold can be described as the short path of flow between the cavity and the runner where molten PVC enters.

The gate design is influenced by the mold structure, PVC properties and the shape and size of the mold part.

The different gate designs in a PVC Mold include:

Direct Gate

Commonly used for barrel-shaped deep and large PVC parts.

It can be placed in the inner part surface (inverted) if the part is not permitted to contain gate marks on its surface.

Direct gate has low pressure loss with simple processing but produces an uneven product stress making it easy to deform.

The PVC part surface will also have obvious gate marks.

Direct gate

direct gate

Fan Gate

This gate is normally used in the production of thin walled and wide PVC parts.

When the molten PVC flows through the gate, it evenly distributes in a transverse direction reducing the inner stress.

It prevents the entry of air into the cavity thus averting defects like bubbles and streaks.

The molded part cannot however be automatically separated from the gate.

fan gate

fan gate

Pinpoint Gate

It is commonly used to manufacture PVC Shell parts that have very large surfaces with easy separation from the part after molding.

Although it has a large injection pressure, the gate is usually small with small gate marks on the PVC part surface.

pinpoint gate

pin point gate

Side Gate

This gate can generally be used for all types of PVC parts with the exception of parts with long barrel profiles.

It has a very simple shape and can be easily machined and can be removed easily from the part after Molding.

Side gate

Side gate

10.  How Does Single Cavity PVC Mold Compare to Multi Cavity PVC Mold?

Single Cavity PVC Mold is only able to produce just a single part in one cycle.

This implies that the unit part cost will be very high with but with a lower tooling cost since production of low volumes.

single cavity PVC mold

single cavity PVC mold

Using several cavity tools at a go guarantees that the PVC Mold production is runs continuously even with a single mold breakdown.

A high degree of flexibility is offered in standardizing the PVC Molding Process.

Multi-Cavity PVC Mold can produce more parts per cycle therefore decreasing the cost of a single unit part.

Though it has a higher initial venture, the rate of production is greatly increased compared to the Single Cavity PVC Mold.

Multi cavity PVC mold

multi cavity PVC mold

11.  What Are The Design Flaws and Causes in PVC Molds?

The design flaws in the PVC Mold operations include:

a) Deformation of parts in the mold cavity in ribs and bosses.

b) Parts sticking to the mold caused by poor design of the mold ejector.

c) Overflow of molten PVC due to cavity damage and parting surface.

d) Burning of the molded part in the cavity in sections that cannot be easily filled.

e) Flash which is an extra thin layer of PVC on a part edge which occurs in the moving core, snap location or boss position.

f) Short shot which is incomplete and irregular edges occurring at the gates furthest point and the roots of thin ribs.

12.  What Are The PVC Mold Specifications That A Client Submits To Mold Manufacturer?

In the event that a client wants a PVC Mold prototype made by a Mold manufacturer, certain details have to be submitted.

They include but not limited to:

i. The PVC Mold product drawing in 3D (.igs or .stp) or in 2D with a .dwg format

ii. The size of the PVC Mold in tones required and its platen size

iii. Preference of the product material to be used to manufacture the PVC Mold

iv. The number of cavities that the PVC Mold should contain

v. The preferred method of PVC Mold ejection

vi. If the PVC Mold will require cold runner or hot runner

vii. The Steel grade that the PVC Mold will require

viii. The preferred type of PVC Mold gating inlet

ix. Any other additional information that is required like engraving, texture and polishing

13.  How Is Retention Heat Stabilized In A PVC Mold?

When the PVC Mold is subjected to extreme temperatures during molding, it decreases in molecular weight.

This is caused by heat deterioration which cuts the molecular chain which is faster with increased cylinder temperatures.

The moisture rate inside the molten PVC will also accelerate the deterioration therefore requiring special attention.

Shortening the residence time of the molten PVC inside the mold cavity will solve this problem.

14.  What Are the Factors To Consider When Designing a PVC Mold?

The following factors are taken into consideration during PVC Mold design:

  • Mold material options and their consequences like cost
  • Provision of enough design clearance to allow for tolerance variations
  • Sink marks determined by gate location, nominal wall thickness and viewing angle
  • Steel safe areas
  • Location of the gates
  • Texturing and drafts
  • Draft angle orientation

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