Die Casting Specialist
Quality and Capabilities

For maintaining product quality, our in-process and final inspection capabilities include:

  1. Automated CMM machines (4pieces) with PC DMIS software
  2. Real-time x-ray inspection machines (2pieces)
  3. Climate controlled inspection room
  4. Immersion and vacuum pressure testing
  5. SPC software

Our sanding and surface finishing capabilities include:

  1. Shot blasting;
  2. Parting line removal;
  3. Polishing

In addition, we offer surface treatments such as:

  1. Powder coating;
  2. Painting;
  3. Chrome Plating;
  4. E-coating;
  5. Anodizing;
  6. Impregnating

All of these are available at InoxCast, your one-stop shop for die casting needs.

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