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As your professional tire mold supplier, Inox can support different industries. Our tire mold has great durability that able to produce the perfect tire mold surface. We can reduce your cost in handling tire mold processing.

  • Outstanding quality tire mold and designs
  • Trained tire mold manufacturing staff
  • Customized tire mold
  • 3D tire mold samples

Why Inox Cast is Expert in Tire Mold

Inox Cast has over 20 years of expertise providing perfect quality and effective tire mold worldwide. We have perfect factory space to provide enough equipment for faster tire mold productions. We have different high-class machines for molding, designing, die-cast, polishing and coating, and so on.

InoxTire Mold

45 Steel Plate Tire Mold
45 Steel Plate Tire Mold

Our 45 steel plate tire molds are applicable for making tires for mini toys and other suitable applications like industrial tire molds.

Automatic Eject Tire Mold
Automatic Eject Tire Mold

Our automatic eject tire mold has great performance in making different types of tires for toys, motorcycles, large tire sizes, etc.

Cast Steel Tire Mold
Cast Steel Tire Mold

Our cast steel tire molds are widely used which strongly fight different hot temperatures. It is able to mold rubber and more types of materials.

Customized Polyurethane Profile Tire Mold
Customized Polyurethane Profile Tire Mold

Inox customized polyurethane profile tire molds have great molding performance which able to produce different spike patterns.

Customized Tire Mold
Customized Tire Mold

We can custom your ideal tire molds from surface, textures, sizes, spikes designs, and more. It offered at perfect prices.

E-Bike Tire Mold
E-Bike Tire Mold

We can produce a great performance of tire mold for e-bike applications. We offered high-class tire molding at perfect rates.

Forging Tire Mold
Forging Tire Mold

Forging tire molds is a material with high impact resistance perfect for long-life molding. It is durable and affordable for factory equipment.

High Precision Tire Mold
High Precision Tire Mold

High precision tire molds are applicable for large tire sizes. The patterns are customizable base on your spike designs and sizes.

Mini Toys Tire Mold
Mini Toys Tire Mold

We have tire molds perfect for molding different sizes and shapes of tires for mini toys. You can request surface customizations.

Motorcycle Tire Mold
Motorcycle Tire Mold

Motorcycle has different types of tire selections. You can request your ideal selections or choose the standard selections.

Multi Cavity Tire Mold
Multi Cavity Tire Mold

Are you looking for multi-cavity tire mold? Inox has great screwed tire mold. It has a long-life performance that helps save money.

Polyurethane Tire Mold
Polyurethane Tire Mold

Our polyurethane tire mold is perfect for large fabrications available in different amount of sets. You can request customizations.

Inox Cast Tire Mold

Inox Cast Tire Mold

Are you looking for premier and trusted partner to get perfect customizations of tire mold in China? Inox Casting is your perfect tire mold producer to trust.

Inox Cast tire mold is accessible in different options from types of materials, designs, and types of texture, surface, and more options. Perform suitable materials to produce ideal tire selections.

Fabricating tire molds using popular materials and parts has a great advantage. A lot of clients and other people in business trusted the best quality and performance. It produces quality tires and durability which widely used for industrial and commercial purposes.

Inox Cast provides great solutions for tire mold accessible in a wide range of selections. We supply our best quality tie molds worldwide following customer’s specifications offering acceptable prices. The cots are base on your ideal customizations and tire mold sizes.

This is a precision mold that produces different types of tires a final shape and types of surface. Our tie mold can produce high-quality tires, salable, and attractive appearance because of surface treatments abilities.

Inox Cast tire molds are made of steel and forged aluminum. It has high-pressure abilities and performs in different tire making perfectly. We can meet your ideal patterns and types of tire spike and designs including sizes, applications, etc.

We, Inox Cast can prioritize your orders and surely meet your urgent needs. Our tire molds can help you reduce cost and help gain perfect profits.

Send your inquiries and expect we can meet your business demands.

Tire Mold: The Ultimate Guide

I know you are looking for quality tire mold for your business, then this is the right guide for you.

It has all information you are looking for about tire mold – from design, specification, to material grade.

Keep reading to learn more.

1.  What Is Mould Tire?

It is a tooling system we use to make tires during the production process.

The mould help form tire treads and grooves, alongside other useful features.

tire mould

Tire mould

2.  Tire Mold Materials

A tire mold is a tooling that is used to give a tire its final shape hence the complete tread pattern rings are fastened to the main casting.

The tire mold consist of;

  1. Steel

The strength and hardness of steel provides better results than aluminum hence steel is good to hold a shape for those high precision areas.

  1. Forged Aluminum.

Advantages Of Steel Tire Mold.

  • They are easy to repair and adjust hence by welding process.
  • Steel is always rigid and strong hence good material for the mold compared to other materials.
  • There is no restriction in curving and pattern angle hence they are free and easy tire design.
  • It has extreme roundness and balance of tire with high precision of pattern hence firmly and secure.
  • Steel has good quality of tire appearance and high precision for pattern surface.

steel tire mold

steel tire mold

Advantages Of Aluminium Tire Mold.

  • For production of Molds, we recommend QC-10 because Aluminum alloys are not created equal hence it has high strength.
  • Aluminium is a life time saving hence it has productivity improvement of 20-30%.
  • It has a better thermal heat transfer with better thermal conductivity hence the number of water lines is less critical, allowing for the placement of ejector pins if needed.
  • Aluminium machining ratings are very high than steel hence it has outstanding machining and polishing characteristics.
  • aluminum tire mold

aluminum tire mold

  • Aluminum has a lower tooling cost compared to steel hence your tool investment will be lower for aluminum than for steel.
  • The uniform heating and cooling time of aluminum enables to decrease the number of defects and rejected parts.

3.  Features To Look For In Steel Engraved Molds For Making Tires

  • Good wear resistance.

A steel engraved tire mold is harder and tougher than convectional steel plate and can last up to 4 times longer than other materials.

  • Dimensional stability.

When the hardness is hard, it improves the tooling efficiencies hence extending the mold life and reduce the mold costs with the focus on tool steel properties.

  • High core strength.

The strength of the engraved steel tire mold is directly related to the properties of the   mold material hence it should have a better thermomechanical property.

  • Excellent surface finish.

This helps in corrosion resistance hence by minimizing the exposure of the mold to humidity and oxygen which helps in slowing down the corrosion process.

  • Machinability.

The mold should have a higher machining efficiency hence to prevent money loss from maintenance and repair.

  • Corrosion resistance.

Chromium is added to steel to increase corrosion resistance and oxidation hence to increase strength and improve abrasion resistance in high carbon composition.

4.  Choosing Tire Molds With Casted Tread Pattern.

The casted tread pattern is a cost-efficient way of manufacturing hence it is the most common technology when it comes to high qualities with numerous sipes.

The complete tread rings are fastened to the main casting which divides the tire mold into steel or forged Aluminum.

Casted tread pattern belongs to high siped Molds with high quantity of Molds each size and tread pattern and it’s a cost-efficient way of manufacturing.

5.  How To Make Tire Mold.

Tire mold are made from metal alloy materials like steel or Aluminum thus can be cast to form the desired negative tread pattern.

Their tread layers can be made from an additive manufacturing technology like 3D printing that are coupled to tire mold supports.

It consists of many segments that together they can form a full circular tread mold hence the mold is closed on the side-by-side ring that has the brand engraving, size and operating pressure.

The tire mold segment surface is shaped to be the negative of the actual tire tread surface thus the segments and the 2 side rings are held together by a container.

An air compression cavity disposed inside the mold segment and spaced apart from the surface is connected to the outside ambient hence allowing the air escaping the interior of the mold.

This helps in preventing the rubber material from leaving the mold pattern surface.

The air compression cavity is then configured to mate with another elongated cavity of a nearby mold segment during a tire making process.

The tire mold segment then comprises many spacers inserted in the tread pattern where the air compression cavity is spaced from the surface by the depth of the spacers.

Attaching a hollow element along a first surface of the positive mold, the hollow element is spaced apart from the first surface casting a negative mold using the positive mold.

Sipes are inserted in the positive model mold hence forming a sipe pattern in the tire matching a portion of a cross section of the hollow element.

A compressed gas, pressurized liquid or pressurized gas liquid mixture is applied to the hollow element hence the debris in the surface connection slots are removed to an outside ambient.

The coupling elements is the removed and the tire mold segments is ready for processing another green tire.

6.  Tire Mold Cleaning And Maintenance Process

Dry Ice Blasting.

Cleaning with dry ice machine is highly recommended in the rubber industry since it is time saving and increases the lifetime of the tire mold.

The system consists of an automatic gun that shoots dry ice against the mold hence the temperature difference vaporizes the dry ice before it touches the surface of the mold.

The dry ice is fired at a temperature of -78c against the mold at a temperature of 180/200c.

The shock waves created by these explosions removes the fouling very easily hence the dry ice is used on the mold at a room temperature.

The dry ice used can either be flakes or pellets thus flakes is as big as sugar grains hence have low density and do not guarantee high level of cleanliness.

Sand Blasting.

Sand blasting does not require much skills hence it is inexpensive, easy to install and maintain.

It can only be done in closed environment thus to prevent the spread of fine dust in the work place and to identify abrasive materials like glass, plastic and metal.

The particles impacting against the mold are fragmented due to the kinetic energy and the surface hardness thus the fragments bounce on the surface.

Sandblaster system can be of two types; two-hose or single-hose hence there is a big different between thew two types of sandblasting.

Where in single-hose system, the exhaust mach number of particles is 1.0-3.0 while in two-hose system, the exhaust mach number is only supersonic.

  • Laser tire mold cleaning.

It helps in the removal of the unwanted contamination without damaging the metal surface of the mold it works equally well on hot and cold Molds.

Using the laser cleaning the contamination removed from the mold is captured in a filter system and the disposal volume is limited to actual debris.

  • Automobile tire mold maintenance.

This method is easy to use and of low cost but the long-term use of this method can cause mold corrosion which will affect the quality and appearance of the product.

  • Ultrasonic cleaning.

Ultrasonic are waves with a frequency above 20 kHz hence the cleaning technology is used to clean small metal parts and to wash away polishing pastes.

It is used to create the phenomenon of cavitation which are destroyed if made to work at excessive speed.

To ensure highest quality of cleaning, ultrasound is used in combination with high temperature hence cleaning is employed chemicals that facilitate the formation of bubbles.

The small size of the bubbles and short times of cleaning ensures the cleaning of the surfaces of the mold without destroying the surfaces themselves.

Ultrasonic cleaning is the only technology that is able to clean the spring-vent.

7.  Recommended Tire Mold Coating

  • Lusin.

This helps thermoplastics processing industry to improve efficiency of the product quality and low repair and maintenance costs.

  • Mono-coat.

It enhances the rubber and rotational molding operations hence extending the life of the Molds giving you confidence in your molding procedures.

  • Zyvax.

Provides composites which are commonly used in aerospace industry hence for more environmentally conscious because of their water-based formulations.

  • Chemlease.

They provide extreme value for composites through the combination of ease of application and positive results on operational efficiency.

  • Ultra-purge.

It creates the best purging compounds to match with the materials, machines and operating ranges of plastics processors hence producing products with major plastic resin.

8.  Uses Of Tire Molds

  • Tire mold is used in curing process in the manufacture of premium summer and winter.
  • It is used production of tire hence improving the performance and exterior quality of a tire.
  • It maintains the complex and diverse pattern forms of a tire.
  • Tire mold improves the surface roughness of the tire.

9.  Tire Molds With Engraved Tread Pattern Vs. Tire Molds With Inserted Ribs And


Engraves tread pattern sipes are inserted later in the contour out of full material while the mold with inserted ribs and sipes is combination of lathed tread contour.

tire mold with engraved tread pattern

tire mold with engraved tread patterns

Engraved tread pattern has a short delivery time while inserted ribs and sipes mold has long delivery time.

Engraved tread pattern has no porosity due to its high-quality surfaces obtained by using homogeneous materials compared to inserted ribs and sipes.

tire molds with inserted Ribs and sipes

tire mold with inserted ribs and sipes

10.  2 Piece Molds vs Puzzle Mold For Tires?

2-piece Molds consist of steel or forged Aluminum hence its mold back is fastened by steel engraved tread rings.

2 piece molds

2 piece molds

Puzzle Molds, the venting is done by drillings with inserted vent plugs hence to exhaust the gases inside the mold through micro gaps.

Puzzle mold replaces the air holes of exiting tire Molds with the small gaps between inner pitches hence it does not leave any bent rubber.

Puzzle mold for tires

puzzle mold

Puzzle mold improves the exterior quality of the tire hence shortening the time for tire manufacturing processes.

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