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Inox Casting is a certified Titanium Die Casting Provider in China. Together with our advanced production line and strong workforce, you can get consistent quality titanium die casting products over a high volume of production. Contact us today!

  • 20+ years of expertise in this field of Titanium Die Casting
  • Short lead time as well as small and flexible MOQ
  • Customization service to meet your demands
  • Strict quality control
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Why Inox is an Expert in Titanium Die Casting

Since our inception, Inox is dedicated to providing expert titanium die casting processes to clients worldwide. This is a precise manufacturing process for your business. We integrate the right die casting technique. As of now, many customers trust our titanium die casting processes, will you be the next?

Inox Titanium Die Casting

1 Hard Aluminum Titanium Injection Gravity Die Casting
Hard Aluminum Titanium Injection Gravity Die Casting

We can produce Hard Aluminum Titanium Injection Gravity Die Casting as per your required de-molding, thickness, surface treatment, and more. Inox Casting has a complete and scientific quality management system to perfect your project.

2 High-Precision Titanium Die Casting
High-Precision Titanium Die Casting

Our High-Precision Titanium Die Casting is developed with high-strength, good-quality products, accessible in a reasonable delivery time.

3 Titanium Alloy Parts Accessories Die Casting
Titanium Alloy Parts Accessories Die Casting

Titanium Alloy Parts Accessories Die Casting is design lightweight. Inox is capable of manufacturing a variety of parts that require weight reduction.

4 Titanium Alloy for Car Connecting Rod Die Casting
Titanium Alloy for Car Connecting Rod Die Casting

This Titanium Alloy for Car Connecting Rod Die Casting has a polishing (mirror), passivation, acid cleaning, temper surface finish. We can produce it according to your drawings or sample requirement.

5 Titanium Die Casting with Mirror Polishing Anodic Oxidation Surface
Titanium Die Casting with Mirror Polishing Anodic Oxidation Surface

Our Titanium Die Casting with Mirror Polishing Anodic Oxidation Surface has a vertical pressure chamber structure. It has a precision design, thermostability, professional investment casting technology, healthy metal, etc.

6 High-Quality Titanium Die Casting
High-Quality Titanium Die Casting

We used the best quality titanium for Titanium Die Casting. Our titanium casting parts are used in a variety of industries in aerospace, medical, marine, and chemical processing industries, etc.

7 High-Strength Titanium Die Casting
High-Strength Titanium Die Casting

Before the moving process, we ensure to 100% Inspect the products we deliver. All our Titanium Die Casting parts are high-strength and mainly used in the 3C industry, lighting decoration, electric tools, medical equipment, and so on.

8 Titanium Die Casting Price
Titanium Die Casting Price

You can avail the affordable titanium die casting processes here in Inox. With our world-class services and products, many customers rely on us and our partner manufacturers always count on us.

9 Titanium Die Casting Manufacturing
Titanium Die Casting Manufacturing

As a professional service provider, we guarantee second-to-none manufacturing and reliable services. Our quality assurance technicians always checked and inspect our mass production to meets our customers’ high standards.

10 Lightweight Titanium Die Casting
Lightweight Titanium Die Casting

Inox Casting can provide you with many kinds of lightweight Titanium Die Casting parts and high-machined products. We are outstanding in the customized production of titanium castings and parts for a variety of industries.

11 Corrossion Resistance Titanium Die Casting
Corrosion Resistance Titanium Die Casting

All products produced from Inox titanium die casting is corrosion-resistant, offer high hardness, and good dimensional stability. The machining precision of Titanium Die Casting is high and the assembly structure is seamless.

Custom Titanium Die Casting
Custom Titanium Die Casting

Inox Company will cater to your personalized titanium die casting specifications and demands. For any preferred products, just send the material details, quantity details, and sample or drawing.

Inox Titanium Die Casting

Inox Titanium Die Casting

9 Titanium Die Casting Manufacturing7 High-Strength Titanium Die Casting10 Lightweight Titanium Die Casting6 High-Quality Titanium Die Casting

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Inox Titanium Die Casting

If you want to offer your customers titanium die casting products, allow us, Inox Cast to produce them for you. With several years of field experience, we are excellently capable of molding titanium castings such as titanium parts, aerospace parts, titanium bicycle parts, gas industries, titanium motorcycle equipment, etc.

Inox Titanium die casting is available with weights from a few grams to 1 metric ton. Our factory is well-equipped with state-of-the-art casting machines that help us to be able to supply our customers also a state-of-the-art titanium casting products.

The titanium die casting products we offer to have exceptional corrosion protection and higher strength to weight ratio, making them superior for several industrial applications. Sporting goods, hand tools, medical, marine, and automotive industry are a list of industries that our titanium die casting products are effective.

We used all kinds of titanium alloys in the entire processing. Since titanium alloys provide high strength for diverse casting industries, so it`s ideal to use. All finished products from the titanium die casting process features highly corrosion-resistant, lightweight, wide availability, and varied accessibility.

With excellent corrosion resistance and moderate strength functions, titanium die casting products now offer good weldability, high impact toughness, and ductility. Due to great features, this became popular in the international market.

For applications, this is ideal in entire chemical processes and chemical environments such as organic acids, alkaline, oxidizing, hot gases, and compound solutions. This is also perfect for a variety of marine uses.

Since established in 1997, Inox is always glad to help you to skyrocket your business. The core of our business is to provide you satisfying services, better guidance, and high-quality products.

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