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Why Inox Cast is Expert in Parting Line Injection Molding

Inox Cast will help your parting line injection molding purchase faster and supply perfect quality products that prevent returns. Our parting line injection molding has free samples. It will help you decide the best parting line injection molding selections to order. Our team will focus on your order’s fast processes.

Comprehensive Parting Line Injection Molding
Comprehensive Parting Line Injection Molding

Our comprehensive parting line injection molding has a lot of selections from sizes, designs applications, and so on.

Curved Parting Line Injection Molding
Curved Parting Line Injection Molding

Curved parting line injection molding is applicable to any type of production and types of product that has different specifications.

Custom Parting Line Injection Molding
Custom Parting Line Injection Molding

We can help you decide your ideal parting line injection molding customizations. We can suggest the best ideas for your products.

Dual Parting Line Injection Molding
Dual Parting Line Injection Molding

Our dual parting line injection molding has perfect and durable screwed parting line types. You can send your ideal customizations.

Full Automatic Parting Line Injection Molding
Full Automatic Parting Line Injection Molding

We have full automatic parting line injection molding widely used in all types of molding applications with different designs.

High Precision Parting Line Injection Molding
High Precision Parting Line Injection Molding

We have high precision parting line injection molding applicable for different applications. The surface is customizable.

High Pressure Parting Line Injection Molding
High Pressure Parting Line Injection Molding

Our high-pressure parting line injection molding able to perform large productions and produce quality output and appearance.

Horizontal Parting Line Injection Molding
Horizontal Parting Line Injection Molding

Horizontal parting lines are widely available in the industry. It is applicable for different parts, boxes, handles, and more.

Multi-Step Parting Line Injection Molding
Multi-Step Parting Line Injection Molding

There are multi-step parting line injection molding according to your products. We can offer single to any number of the cavity you need.

Plastic Parting Line Injection Molding
Plastic Parting Line Injection Molding

This is applicable for any plastic products with different processes. It produces durable and quality parting lines applicable to any parts.

Plastic Parts Parting Line Injection Molding
Plastic Parts Parting Line Injection Molding

We have parting line injection molding for your plastic parts projects. It can produce different sizes and designs with great durability.

Vertical Parting Line Injection Molding
Vertical Parting Line Injection Molding

We designed vertical parting lines for different product applications like plastic parts. It has a perfect line on both sides.

Inox Cast Parting Line Injection Molding

Inox Cast Parting Line Injection Molding

Searching for the right parting line injection molding in China? Looking for reliable and trusted service including the best quality and parting line injection molding performance? Inox Cast will be your premier choice.

Inox Cast parting line injection molding has great capability and performance supplied in many countries around the world for 20 years in service now.

Inox Cast parting line injection molding is able to produce a lot of product types with perfect parting lines like tools handles, parts of tools, small parts, accessories, computer accessories, computer parts, electrical parts, and more parts with different shapes of parting lines.

Our parting line injection molding has great ability made with perfect features resistance, and dimensions according to your products. We can custom parting line injection molding base on your product designs, styles, sizes, and more.

Inox Cast parting line injection molding is impact resistant and able to provide perfect heat pressure to provide perfect performance in molding. Inox Cast parting line injection molding is easier to operate and lesser in maintenance.

Our parting line injection molding offered with perfect surface finishing that includes powder coating. We are able to produce all other related products aside from parting line injection molding. You can send your types of projects and product details or design them on your own.

We ensure our perfect production by providing complete equipment and highly trained manufacturing staff. Inox cast has perfect factory space.

Inox Cast is a well-trusted and professional custom supplier in China for over 20 years. You can rely on us to ensure you can get perfect customizations of parting line injection molding. Send your inquiries and get complete information.

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Parting Line Injection Molding: The Ultimate Guide

If you have any question on parting line injection molding, you will find the answer right here.

Take a look:

1.  What Is Parting Line In Injection Molding?

This refers to a line of distinction where two halves of a mold join.

Usually, the line is blunt and could go unnoticed unless you are keen enough.

Visibility of the parting line highly depends on the kind of finishing done on the surface, materials used, processing procedures, and sometimes color.

parting line injection molding

parting line injection molding

2.  Types Of Parting Line In Injection Molding

Some of the most common options include:

Vertical Parting Line

This type of partying line runs perpendicular to the opening side of the mold.

It is more popular when compared to other types of party lines.

vertical parting line

verticle parting line

Beveled Parting Line

This kind is described to have a beveled shape.

To bevel means changing the shape of an object into a slopping one.

Curved Parting Line

Here, machinists build the mold to create a curved parting line

curved parting line

curved parting line

Stepped Parting Line

Under some circumstances, the parting line is considered done in a series of steps hence the stepped parting line.

There exists a relative sliding tendency between the two halves, whereby we have one half fixed while the other is in motion.

stepped parting line

stepped parting line

This is brought about by the huge force encountered on one side of the cavity.

The force could be controlled by the generation of the injection eccentric force on both sides of the cavity.

The generated eccentric force could be either too small or too large

In case the force happens to be too small, then you could make up for it using a guide pin.

The small unbalanced force I of no importance to the end product.

On the contrary, the force could be too large.

For this case, we have several possible solutions as discussed below.

First, create a wedge-shaped insert on one side of this cavity.

The insert is necessary to preserve the molds in a position between the core and the cavity by relieving some of the eccentric force injected.

Next, make layouts of your molds in a symmetrical shape.

This is of importance to ensure there is a balance of injection force on both sides of the cavity.

The symmetrical arrangement is only supported by compact mold structures.

Comprehensive Parting Line

A comprehensive parting line makes one of the most sophisticated lines.

In other words, it makes a constitution of all other parting lines summed up to form a complex connection of the mold halves.

Even though it is so rare, it could make one of the best options in some cases.

The problem comes in when there is a need to separate the mold parts, especially in the case of repairs.

Splitting of the mold could be quite hectic because of this kind of joining.

3.  Purpose Of Parting Line In Injection Molding

Parting lines play several roles in injection molding.

The significance they carry explains why you should ensure the highest form of accuracy.

Generally, the outcome of a product as a result of the manufacturing process is always subject to the parting line.

Errors on this feature should be avoided for the effectiveness of the whole process.

To add, parting lines are also key determinants to the quality of the product being processed, in most cases made of plastic material.

The efficiency of the injection molding process relies on the parting line.

Once you have it done correctly, then consider the manufacturing process a success.

Getting the wrong parting line for your product is consequent to more problems being encountered during the manufacturing process.

Lastly, we have the ejection process. This process has made parting lines essential for the production of plastics.

The mold is made up of two halves, the ejection of plastics from the cavity and core should be smooth a process.

This has been made possible with the help of ejection pins.

4.  How To Find Parting Line For Mold?

Selection of the best parting line for your molds is one of the most crucial steps.

You are therefore required to be keen and careful with selection to ensure no errors are experienced while manufacturing.

Here are a few basic steps you need to consider.

To begin with, ensure you pick out the best parting angle for your product.

This can be simplified with the help of sketches and prototypes.

They contain relevant information and designs of the product you look forward to constructing.

You can therefore get details of the inclination as well as designs of the product from here.

Next, your focus should be on the point of joining the two parts.

Identifying this section earlier makes you aware of what is expected. This point divides your product into two halves.

Lastly, make efforts to trace the draft angle if any exists.

The existence of this feature means you have to contemplate it at the time of making your parting line.

Carry out different tests to ensure you come up with the right parting line for your product.

We have a group of professional experts who can offer you proper guidance just to be sure and equally avoid losses likely to occur.

5.  How To Reduce Parting Line In Injection Molding

We have several ways you can reduce or get rid of a parting line on your products during injection molding.

Ensure You Have A Robust Mold Design.

This goes hand in hand with the sliding cores known to play part in the formation of a parting line.

Arrange your cores in a manner that the slides can move close to each other while maintaining the respective position on every move.

The heel blocks should have enough pre-stress. This ensures restricted movement during the injection process.

Use a surface grinder and a polishing wheel to attain the best finishing on the butting faces.

Choosing a good mold gives room for the parting line part to be assembled during machining.

take into account your tool-making mechanism.

Use The Best Molding Techniques

Ensures minimal errors are encountered while maximizing a smooth finish.

Use the best quality materials for your products taking into account the possibility of using fillers and the effects attributed.

A good mold maker can help you attain the best results will all the put into consideration.

6.  Effects Of Parting Line On Cavity And Core

Parting lines are known to ease the trimming process.

There is a formation of flash at the parting line due to uncontrolled pressure from the injection material.

It affects the life of a die.

Injection of the molten material on a surface, especially metallic, is discouraged as it leads to the wearing of the surfaces quickly.

A parting line, therefore, needs proper placement to ensure the smooth flow of the molten material.

This is important as it helps improve the casting quality and die life.

7.  How To Form Parting Lines

Parting lines are formed as a result of the injection molding process.

For successful production of parts through injection molding, the mold has to be halved into two categories.

These are the moving half and fixed half respectively, otherwise known as the core plates.

Next, close the mold body. Here we have the core plates and the cavity surface which are left to make the parting line between the core plates.

Usually, the parting line is always perpendicular to the injection side of the mold.

Upon cooling and solidification of your anticipated part, you can open the mold and eject one half (the moving part) and leave the fixed half.

This procedure might defer slightly if you are working on a mold with a structure that requires multiple parting lines.

This is done through a process referred to as multi-step parting.

8.  Injection Molding Parting Line Design Considerations?

Parting line design is one of the fundamental aspects to consider in injection molding.

Some parts would work with simple designs whereas others require sophisticated ones.

First, identify the opening direction of your mold concerning the part.

It is commonly termed the line of the draw and plays a significant role in determining the appearance of your design.

In addition, makes you aware of where to top features on your product.

It also gives the impression of what to expect of your final product after involving vestiges left by the two halves of the injection-molded product.

Next, consider the positioning of components on the part.

Some processes e.g., shrinking of your plastic product may alter the desired positioning of the mold part.

Shrinking is likely to occur while the product is undergoing the cooling process thereby leading to a shift of the initial position.

This consequently leads to rearrangement and displacement of these features.

Extreme shrinking of the part should be avoided as this may result in difficulties when it comes to ejection.

Also, ensure you draft the injection molded part far from the parting line.

This is done to ensure that the components are held steadily in the right places.

Lastly, examine the Design for Manufacturability (DFM) of your product.

This is necessary to help you get ideas for parting line positioning.

Moreover, with DFM you can easily detect faults and evaluate the part to manufacture.

This will help provide economic options for manufacturing your part.

We have DFM for injection molded parts on various websites in case you desire this feature.

Alternatively, you could go for a manual evaluation.

9.  Fixed Half Vs Moving Half Of Injection Mold

Fixed half injection mold is known to fit the fixed platen of injection molding.

It creates the chassis upon which the core or cavity is staged.

fixed half injection mold

fixed half injection mold

Moving half on the hand gives support to the plate.

It is available for fitting the moving platen of injection molding.

Just like stationary half injection, it allows for staging of the core and cavity.

moving half injection mold

moving half injection mold

Removal of the molded product is easy while open.

10.  How Parting Line Affect Injection Molding Price

A parting line is always subject to the pricing of a product.

The location and visibility of the parting line also explain why prices may vary for different products.

For instance, parts lacking a parting line have increased pricing per unit as opposed to those that have.

11.  Parting Line Vs Weld Line In Injection Molding Process

A parting line is a line formed once the core halves are joined during the injection molding process.

The line is usually visible or sometimes faint depending on the types of materials used and the finishing done.

Other key determinants of visibility include color and the procedures used in processing.

If you desire the line less noticeable, we have remedies to achieve that.

However, the availability of this line does not affect the final product.

weld lines

weld lines

Unlike weld lines, the location of the parting line affects the cost of the part.

Weld lines on the other hand are lines made as a result of converging of the molten material on the molded product.

Availability of certain features like the notch or whole brings about the diversion of the flow of the molten material resulting in weld lines.

The diversion creates two different flow fronts which join leading to the welding of the molten material.

Similar to parting lines, weld lines are visible or would go unnoticed at times for the same reasons.

Equally, they do not affect the final product.

In conclusion, the creation of parting and weld lines cannot be avoided during the injection molding process.

12.  How Parting Line Affects Final Product

Although parting lines have a positive impact on the final product, they also have drawbacks to the same product.

This is seen more in the quality and strength of this product you desire to make.

A lot of things have to be considered between the designing stage and the manufacturing process.

Whatever is put into focus between these two stages are the anticipated custom solutions.

The shape of the mold is always a key determinant of how the molten plastic spreads out upon injection.

This constitutes the progressive distribution of the molten plastic, the speed at which it has to cool down and the layers to be formed.

The solidified layers are the reason behind the shearing rate (friction).

When the shearing force is in excess, the part will automatically develop stress.

For this reason, it is recommended that you consider its function and powerfulness.

Upon completion of the molding process and separation of the mold, we trace left behind.

They are a result of the separation of the mold halves and consequently the ejection of the part.

The mold shape and design of the ejection procedure are therefore taken into account to ensure that the aesthetic value of the final product is maintained.

Lastly, let’s talk about the location of the parting line.

The location of the parting line is believed to be fundamental to production cost.

For complex molds, balancing the halves into two potential splits while maintaining quality may be quite challenging.

As mentioned earlier, the mold design is significantly impactful to the final product.

All this summed up together affect processing and equally production cost.

13.  Parting Line Design Principle For Injection Molding?

Mold Clamping Force

It constitutes the lateral and longitudinal clamping forces.

The mold opening should be horizontal to the larger projected area while the smaller area serves as a side parting.

Demold’s Requirements.

A parting line is necessary to ease the demolding process.

It is recommended that its positioning should base on a product whose part has a bigger cross-section area.

Shape Of The Parting Line

The standard shape of the parting line that applies to general products should be vertical to the direction of the mold opening.

Other shapes are exceptionally acceptable.

The quality and appearance of a product.

Ensure positioning of the parting line on any other location other than the surface of the part or product.

This helps to maintain the aesthetic value of the product and also indicates quality.

Mold Injection Layout

The layout of your desired product should be taken into account.

This helps you to settle for the best parting line.

By so doing, you avoid complex mold structures like side buckles and holes.

It should be advantageous to demold

Consider lateral demold distance

Easy To Process Mold Components

Complex features and structures may be time-consuming which is why you should go for simple designs.

Additionally, you may end up using more material as well as capital.

Simple designs are cost-effective and so then you will always stay within budget.

Conducive To Venting

For a parting line to serve as a venting part, apply the design at the end of the materials flowline.

Go for the best radius designs.

For all your parting line injection molding techniques, contact us now.

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