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Inox Cast is your no.1 source of high-quality and durable silicone parts. We are a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of silicone parts that offer top deals and factory prices to support your business.

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Why Inox Cast is a Trusted Manufacturer and Supplier of Silicone Parts

Inox Cast is committed to the development, design, production, and services of silicone parts. We serve various industries, including automotive, medical, consumer electronics, and so on. Inox Cast is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. We are here to provide you the highest standards of quality on all our products. Inox Cast will satisfy your needs by delivering exceptional value. Request a quote.

Custom Silicone Rubber Part
Custom Silicone Rubber Part

We manufacture Custom Silicone Rubber Part with different colors, designs, and sizes. It is customizable based on your specifications.

OEM Silicone Rubber Molding
OEM Silicone Rubber Molding

Inox Cast offers OEM silicone rubber molding with customizable hardness and sizes. It also comes in black and white color.

Silicone Rubber Plug Sealing Parts
Silicone Rubber Plug Sealing Parts

Our Silicone Rubber Plug Sealing Parts is an O ring seal manufactured through compression and injection molding.

Flexible Silicone Rubber Parts
Flexible Silicone Rubber Parts

We manufacture flexible silicone rubber parts that are available in ODM and OEM services. It comes in different colors and sizes.

Custom DIY Silicone Rubber Parts Injection Molding
Custom DIY Silicone Rubber Parts Injection Molding

Inox Cast manufactures Custom DIY Silicone Rubber Parts Injection Molding with different surface treatments like texture, sandy, and more.

Factory Silicone Rubber Product
Factory Silicone Rubber Product

Our Factory Silicone Rubber Product comes in different colors like white, black, and transparent. You can also send us your ideas for customization.

Food Grade Molded Silicone Rubber Parts
Food Grade Molded Silicone Rubber Parts

We manufacture Food Grade Molded Silicone Rubber Parts widely used for industrial, healthcare, telecommunications, appliance, and more.

Custom Silicone Rubber Products
Custom Silicone Rubber Products

Our custom silicone rubber products are manufactured using high-quality FKM silicone materials. It comes with variations of colors and sizes.

Factory Made Food Grade Silicone Rings
Factory Made Food Grade Silicone Rings

We manufacture Factory-Made Food Grade Silicone Rings that are used for sealing. It has more than 300 applications for different industries.

Custom Made Silicone Rubber Molding Parts
Custom Made Silicone Rubber Molding Parts

Inox Cast is a professional manufacturer of silicone rubber parts that are fully customizable based on your specification to meet your requirements.

Silicone Rubber Hole Plug
Silicone Rubber Hole Plug

Our silicone rubber hole plug is made with unlimited colors. It comes in different sizes based on your applications.

Custom Silicone Teether
Custom Silicone Teether

Inox Cast has more than 20 years of experience manufacturing custom silicone parts for different industries like home and medical.

Inox Cast Silicone Parts

Inox Cast Silicone Parts

Inox Cast has been the trusted manufacturer and supplier of silicone parts for more than two decades. We offer a wide range of silicone parts for different applications and industries. Inox Cast is your best choice when it comes to your silicone parts needs.

Here in Inox Cast, we offer complete turnkey solutions for your silicone parts needs using an advanced silicone injection molding process. At Inox Cast, we are here to help you find the right product for your applications.

We manufacture silicone parts through our advanced liquid silicone rubber molding. It is a thermoset process. It is a combination of two compounds that are heat cured in the mold with a platinum catalyst to produce the final silicone part.

Advantages of Inox Cast Silicone Parts

  • Universal appeal across industries
  • Excellent insulating properties
  • Simple prototype creation for trials and testing
  • Maximum durability
  • Easy sterilization
  • High chemical resistance
  • Excellent temperature resistance
  • Biocompatibility
  • Odorless, hypoallergenic, tasteless
  • Tear and fatigue resistance
  • Low compression set, high thermal stability

All our silicone parts are widely used for different applications. Inox Cast silicone parts are manufactured through a rigorous quality assurance process. Thus, we can assure you of the highest standard silicone parts. With our advanced LSR injection molding capacity, we can produce a wide range of silicone parts for your needs.

We are also committed to satisfying your application needs by providing custom-made silicone parts. Inox Cast will satisfy your needs by delivering exceptional value. We also have certification from international quality standards to ensure the quality and safety of our silicone parts.

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Silicone Parts: The Ultimate Guide

Whether you want to learn about properties, benefits, applications or silicone parts manufacturing process – all information you are looking for is right here.

Take a look:

1. What Are Silicone Parts?

 Silicone parts and components

Silicone parts and components

Silicone parts are the products that undergo high temperature molding, with a raw material of silicone.

2. Benefits Of Silicone Part

Some of the benefits of silicone parts include:

High-Quality Sealing Parts

They have the capacity to withstand both low and high temperatures retaining their stability.

Excellent Flexibility Feature

Highly applicable in environments with extreme temperatures, because of their unique ability in retaining flexibility at all extreme ends.

They Are Non-toxic In Nature

Silicone sealants are most preferable in the coating and sealing of devices.

They are common in the medical industry because of their non-toxic properties.

Sterilization Abilities

Mostly, silicone parts can withstand various sterilization techniques without and adverse effects.

Sterilization methods that silicone parts can undergo are as follows:-steam autoclaving, gamma radiation and dry heating.

Extremely Versatile

Silicone material enables an easy chance for customization and molding of the parts.

Additionally, silicone properties of water and temperature resistance are highly obtainable through adjusting its compound recipe.

High-Performing Rubber

Silicone parts offer excellent retention on flexibility and they are very durable.

Their low chemical reactivity property offer great insulation in electronic parts.

Resistance To Harsh Environmental Factors

Silicon parts are known for exhibiting excellent resistance on environmental factors such as, extreme Ultra Violet radiation.

Exhibits Excellent Stability Under Different Thermal Ranges

Silicon parts have the capacity to maintain in shape and flexibility under exposure to extreme temperature ends.

Silicon Parts Are Color Friendly

The parts exhibit long lasting color shades, because silicon material enables easy coloring just before the curing process commences.

3. Uses Of Silicone Parts

Some of the most common applications include:

Automotive Industry

Silicone automtotive parts

Silicone automotive parts

The industry deals with the designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling of motors.

Some of these parts include, automotive spark plug covers, sheet silicone and silicone sealants.

Medical Industry

Silicone medical parts

Silicone medical parts

This is a major healthcare sector consisting of an integration of all the sectors that offer health provisions.

They involve the goods or services aiming at maintaining good health.

Examples of the silicone parts include: – Silicone catheter, peristaltic Pump tubes and Dual-sided electro surgery hand piece.

Plastic Industry

Plastic industry deals with the manufacturing of polymer materials.

The industry also offers various services to other sectors such as aerospace, packaging and construction.

Examples are, Silicone Caulk

Electrical Industry

Silicone parts for electrical industry

Silicone parts for electrical industry

An industry sector that deals with the generation and transmission of power energy in homes and industries.

The sector involves services and all electronic equipment that ensure availability of power energy.

Examples of the parts include: – Silicone Gaskets, Silicone sponge, and Silicone elastomer.

It is also important to note that these are not the only industries depending on the silicon parts.

As long as the conditions and circumstances allow, you can use silicon parts for a wide range of applications.

4. Manufacturing Silicone Parts

There are a number of technologies you can use to manufacture silicone parts.

Some of these technologies include:

Compression Molding Silone Parts

 Compression molding

Compression molding

Compression molding begins by creation of products in cavities.

This happens by carefully placing the perform silicon material into a mold that has undergone heating.

Deposition of pellets into the open hot cavities. Then a hot plunger closes the cavity while applying pressure.

The material then melts as it moves in all other parts of the cavity.

There is the maintenance of heat and pressure until the curing process ends.

Lastly, the cavity opens and we obtain the part.

Benefits Of Compression Molding Silicone Parts

It enables production in large quantities.

The method accommodates formation of various shapes;-complex, large and small parts.

There is minimal to no wastes during the production process.

An economic and more reliable method when dealing with short production runs.

Time saving, as it has a low setup time period.

Limitations Of Compression Molding Silicone Parts

Compression molding involves curing process of the products.

The surface finish of the mold may sometimes affect the flow of the material.

It is cumbersome identifying all the two halves of the mold.

Injection Molding Silicone Parts

Injection molding silicone

Injection molding silicone

The process starts by preparing the mixture, that’s of the pigment and additives.

Then follows; – homogenization of the mixture ingredients, and combination with the stabilization system for the temperature.

After the injection process, there is the placement of the inserts in the mold after embedding them in the silicone coating.

Then there is the placement of the inserts in ambient conditions prior to preheating or the injection stage.

Subsequently, heating of the mold is by the hot water flowing inside the mold or through electrical powered heaters.

You will use the clamping machine to close the mold.

The injection process then takes place under atmospheric pressure.

After the mold is full of silicone, then cross-linking process of the silicone accelerates through increase in temperatures.

This leads to the curing process where liquid silicone transforms to a state of solid.

Lastly, there is the cooling of the materials inside of the mold.

Benefits Of Injection Molding Silicone Parts

Some of the main benefits of injection molding silicone are:

  • There is large output production.
  • Gives room for automation.
  • Per part specific production costs is low and affordable.
  • Excludes the trimming process for mold designs.
  • The molding cycles are conveniently short.

Limitations Of Injection Molding Silicone Parts

Some of the limitations of injection molding include:

  • The method is only conducive for products with tin walls.
  • Warping, bubbles and flashes tend to occur in various occasions.
  • Instances with shot volumes do lead to mold sections which are not filled.
  • The final product must undergo curing process.
  • Injection molding requires venting so as do away with air traps.

Silicone Extrusion Parts

Extruding silicone rubber

Extruding silicone rubber

The process starts by blending a two-part high consistency silicon material on a roll mill.

Besides, this enables the production of a homogenous silicon grade.

Silicon in forms of strips is continuously put into the extruder as pressure is being exerted at the pin and die.

A laser micrometre then monitors the OD throughout the extrusion process.

Lastly, there is curing of the product where the medical grade tubing runs through the oven with radiant heat.

Benefits Of Extruding Silicone Parts

Some of the benefits of extruding silicone parts are:

  • Enables production in large quantities.
  • Extrusion process has very swift and short lead-times.
  • Affordable tooling costs.

Limitations Of Silicone Extrusion Parts

Some of the main limitations of extruding silicone parts are:

  • The process of extrusion is quite slow.
  • Extrusion only allows short piece extrusion.
  • Depending with the complexity of the die, there is variation of per part specific price.

At INOX, we help you get high quality and reliable silicone parts depending on your unique requirements and specifications.

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