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Why Choose Inox Cast as Your Aluminum Soft Plastic Mold Manufacturer

At Inox Cast, we are equipped with complete manufacturing lines and equipment. Our advanced technology allows us to produce an innovative aluminum soft plastic mold. We also have a dedicated R&D team that specializes in the design, development, and production of the best quality aluminum soft plastic mold. We also manufacture products in line with the international quality standards like ISO, RoHS, etc. We have been trusted by thousands of customers from around the world. We are also looking forward to work with you! Message us today.

Custom Block Duck Heart Soft Plastic Mold
Custom Block Duck Heart Soft Plastic Mold

Inox Cast can manufacture both multi-cavity and single-cavity heart soft plastic mold. We use CAD, UG, and other software for designing your orders.

Customized Plastic Mold
Customized Plastic Mold

We manufacture Customized Plastic Molds that are widely used for applications like metal parts stamping.

Customized Plastic Injection Molds
Customized Plastic Injection Molds

Our customized plastic injection molds are manufactured with surface treatment such as inlay, rubber coating, printing, spraying, and more.

Aluminium Product Casting Mold
Aluminium Product Casting Mold

Our Aluminium Product Casting Molds are widely used in industries such as automotive, precision parts, electronic parts, industrial parts, etc.

Fishing Bait Aluminum Mold
Fishing Bait Aluminum Mold

Inox Cast fishing bait aluminum mold is manufactured through our advanced CNC machine, service innovation, and high precision manufacturing technology.

Coated Plastic Mould
Coated Plastic Mould

We manufacture coated plastic mould with EDM surface, high gloss polishing, and textured mould surface.

Aluminum Pour Mold
Aluminum Pour Mold

Our aluminum pour molds are widely used for making sole mold for shoes. These are made from high-quality steel materials for durability.

Plastic Shape Mold Extrusion
Plastic Shape Mold Extrusion

Our plastic shape mold extrusions are manufactured with mirror-polished mold surface. It comes with limitless sizes and lengths.

Plastic Injection Moulding Process
Plastic Injection Moulding Process

Our Plastic Injection Moulding Process uses plastic and aluminum alloy materials. It has a 2k mold, multiple cavity, and single cavity.

Plastic And Aluminum Injection Molds
Plastic And Aluminum Injection Molds

Inox Cast manufactures plastic and aluminum injection molds for making parts and components for automotive, electrical, electronics, etc.

Aluminum Plastic Injection Mold
Aluminum Plastic Injection Mold

Our mold services includes plastic product design, mold design, OEM mold making, and more. Aluminum Plastic Injection Mold helps in saving your money and time.

Custom Aluminum Die Casting Plastic Injection Molds
Custom Aluminum Die Casting Plastic Injection Molds

Mostly, our Custom Aluminum Die Casting Plastic Injection Molds are used for producing vehicle and automotive parts/components.

Inox Cast Aluminum Soft Plastic Mold

Inox Cast Aluminum Soft Plastic Mold

If you are looking for a trusted manufacturer of aluminum soft plastic molds, Inox Cast is your best choice! We have been manufacturing the best quality aluminum soft plastic mold for more than 20 years.

Inox Cast is also equipped with advanced technology. Our expert R&D team focuses on development, design, and manufacturing premium quality aluminum soft plastic mold. All our aluminum soft plastic molds are manufactured through constant innovation and quality improving.

We are a professional manufacturer that aims to support your business. Thus, we offer limitless aluminum soft plastic molds. Our wide range of aluminum soft plastic molds are readily available in our stock.

If you do not find the right product, we can customize your orders. Inox Cast aluminum soft plastic molds are available in OEM services. You can send us your details. Our engineers and staff will work closely with you. Here in Inox Cast, we make your ideal aluminum soft plastic mold to meet your requirements.

All our aluminum soft plastic molds are widely used for making different style of baits like stick baits, grubs, neds, egg molds, worms, sickle worms, swim baits, and more. Inox Cast aluminum soft plastic molds are manufactured from our in-house factory. Thus, you can assure a competitive price.

We also make sure that your orders of aluminum soft plastic molds are test shoot before shipment to ensure stable quality. These products are easy to use and 99% reusable. Here in Inox Cast, we ensure top quality in every molds.

Here in Inox Cast, we aim to help your business to skyrocket. We have been trusted by thousands of customers from around the world. We are also looking forward to work with you! For more information about our products and services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds: the Ultimate FAQ Guide

Every company has to have its unique special-purpose mold.

This guide explores the fundamental aspects of sluminm soft plastic molds.

Let’s dig inside the details of the aluminum soft plastic molds processes, benefits, maintenance, features, cost, and many interesting things you might want to know about.

1.  What Are Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds?

Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds are made from a specially formulated semi-solid thermoformable plastic material.

This material allows you to cast small objects and parts in the shape you want.

This unique feature make it ideal for consumers who want to create low-cost prototype replicas of their products and build custom accessories.

It helps in creating a prototype and actual products.

This process is done with very simple tools (tooling jigs) supplied with your molds.

The “low temperature” cycle also significantly reduces the chances of warping and diminishing your finished product.

Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds are a low-cost alternative to Styrofoam or plastic foam.

They don’t have the rigidness of Styrofoam, but they still retain great shape and can be used to make all sorts of products that need a little initial support.

Aluminum Soft Plastic Mold

Aluminum Soft Plastic Mold

2.  Why Use Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds?

Many types of lures require a soft plastic binder to ensure the proper shape of the finished product.

The use of aluminum molds for casting these baits allows for increased precision and detail over handmade baits and improved consistency in the production process.

Each injection-molded piece used in soft plastic lure manufacturing is crafted to meet precise specifications. That allows anglers to create baits that exhibit a consistent action, profile, and color on every cast.

Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds are used to create shaped soft and hard plastic products from various materials such as rubber, latex, vinyl, PVC, and more.

Their unique process produces clear and beautiful square molds. Those molds hold their shape after every use to produce consistent shapes with low shrinkage.

These are soft plastic molds made from aluminum, which is a corrosion-resistant material.

The molds are lightweight and flexible aluminum, making them perfect for shaping soft materials like plastic, clay, and foam. The molds come with a built-in rubber ring to help keep the mold from slipping.

Aluminum Soft Plastic molds types

Aluminum Soft Plastic molds types

This innovative product is perfect for creating detailed replicas of any object. If you’re a professional artist then Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds are the perfect way to achieve your goals.

They’re versatile and can be used to create a wide variety of cool shapes or make your custom charms or jewelry pieces for yourself.

3.  Are There Limitations Of Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds?

The limitation of Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds is their short life, so it is not suitable for high-volume production.

The mold’s lifespan depends on the complexity of the shape and the number of cavities in the mold. Most aluminum molds have a lifespan of about 200,000 cycles

Although aluminum can’t be used like other metals in “Back-injection” or “Brass poured”. This limitation can be avoided by using LSR Latex Rubber and Polyurethane Resins to produce parts without limitations.

A few points that show limitations of the usage of Aluminum soft plastic molds are:

  • No Compatibility with complicated Injection modeling resins
  • Due to its short life, not recommended for long or high-volume fabrications
  • Softness doesn’t recommend for extremely detailed softness features

4.  Which Features Should You Look For In Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds?

There are a lot of different varieties of molds that you can use for making soft plastics. The aluminum version will allow you to create detailed designs, which is a big deal for most people.

You won’t have to worry about having the plastic stick to your mold because it has been treated. This cuts down on stuck lures, and the clean-up should be easier in certain situations.

The few main features of soft aluminum plastic molds are given as follows:

        i.            Quality Product

Soft, flexible, and durable are all qualities of Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds that offer high-performance results.

These molds feature high resistance against distortion and deformation, exceptional heat transfer, a high degree of purity, and excellent electrical conductivity.

The forms have a low melting point, so they’re easy to pour, allow for low tooling costs, and provide superior cavity filling and release properties.

      ii.            Strength

During the process, the melting aluminum is put into the metal mold. After some time, is cooled to enhance the strength product with low porosity.

Aluminum molds are the most common and economical of all fishing lure molds. Plastic molds are injection molded with high-strength polystyrene plastic or ABS plastic, creating finer detail and higher durability.

The aluminum mold blocks are then machined to create cavities where the plastic is injected to form the lures. Mold halves must be securely fastened to prevent shifting during the injection.

    iii.            Metallurgic Characteristics

Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds can have metallurgic characteristics, using soft plastics to press out the aluminum alloy molds. The processed plastic molds are characterized in that the surface of the molds has metallic luster and smoothness.

Therefore, it is characterized by high abrasive resistance, high refrigeration capacity, high tension capability, and high thermal stability.

It is also made through aluminum plastic molds for the sealing process due to high-pressure n manufacturing industries.

    iv.            Range And Flexibility

Greater Range And Flexibility of Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds is demonstrated because aluminum molds are either water-jacketed or heated. Molds can be heated in gas-powered burners, electric heat rods, and thermo fluid oil jackets.

Molds can be constructed to produce thousands of identical pieces per hour, or they can be made to run more slowly and produce more unique parts.

5.  Why Is Aluminum Best For Soft Plastic Molds?

Aluminum is best for soft plastic molds because it efficiently draws the heat from the liquefied plastic. It means faster production time (fewer seconds per piece), higher quality baits, and more baits with less material.

The mold temperature remains consistent regardless of how many baits are poured, with the result being a smooth top, bottom, and sides without shrinkage or ripples.

·         No Bait Is Lost

Aluminum retains heat and allows for multiple pours from the same mold, eliminating wasted baits.

·         Rapid Production

Instead of waiting several minutes to pour another bait, you can produce as many baits in one hour with two molds made of wood or plaster.

·         Heat Resistance

Aluminum is non-toxic, food-safe material with high heat resistance. And it takes detail well. It offers a degree of rigidity to allow for easy de-molding but readily softens when heated to melt soft plastic.

6.  Where Can You Use Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds?

  • Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds are commonly used to produce plastic parts that require a specific mold shape, excellent surface finish, and detailed dimensions.
  • You can use Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds in almost all industrial applications, where brittleness and non-machinability are issues.
  • Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds are mainly used in the automotive, consumer electronics, medical and aerospace, and defense industries.
  • Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds are also used in many different industries such as mold making, lures, craft casting, chocolate, and wax.
  • These molds are optimal for designing and manufacturing different types of lures. They are manufactured with good quality aluminum, and they can be used quite effortlessly to produce ideal results.
  • Soft plastic molds can be used in many industries such as Fishing Lures, Bait and Tackle shops, Air Soft Products, and so much more.

7.  How Much Does Aluminum Soft Plastic Bait Molds Cost?

The price depends on your mold’s size, shape, number of cavities, and other factors. Several factors affect the cost of soft aluminum plastic molds.

Its low-cost effectiveness against steel leads it to use in mostly low-volume productions.

        i.            Tooling Cost

However, aluminum injection molds have lower tooling costs because they can be manufactured quickly from less expensive materials. And because aluminum has a much lower melting point than steel, it requires less time and energy for heating.

      ii.            Size

The more cavities a mold has, the more expensive it is. Of course, this also means that it takes less time for you to make more baits and lures at once.

Smaller molds are also less expensive than larger ones because they take less time to create and cost less for the materials.

    iii.            Volume

3D prototyping and molding produce soft aluminum plastic molds for small batch production, giving you affordable and high-quality injection molded parts.

As the production volume increase, you may choose steel molding to decrease the cost of your plastic parts efficiently.

8.  How Do You Manufacture Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds?

The Manufacturing process of Aluminum Soft Plastic mold is based on high standard technical craftwork and a perfect management system.

What’s more, It has been upgraded to a high precision level in its component processing, casting, removing burrs, polishing, etc.

All the processes, including Aluminum injection, anodizing, polishing, spray painting, thermal transfer pad printing, inspection, and assembly, are finished under one roof.

The advanced technology and strict quality testing system can ensure all products meet the industry standard.

        i.            Aluminum injection

The aluminum injection molding process is a kind of injection molding for the variable state of materials. Its unlike the general injection molding process with a fixed shape of the material.

Especially the liquid crystal light guide plate needs to be shaped with the help of aluminum molds.

      ii.            Anodizing

Anodizing is a manufacturing process that produces a thin, light, durable, and corrosion-resistant aluminum oxide layer. And Aluminum Molds for plastic are used to make plastic parts or molds.

    iii.            Polishing

This process helps get a smooth finish and shiny surfaces on the product. The polishing process is a kind of die casting mold polishing process.

The polishing process mainly does improve the surface of the aluminum base part to have smooth and even surface finishing.

    iv.            Spray Painting

Since the Aluminum soft plastic molds are made from Aluminum compounds, these are conducive to the spray painting process, and aluminum spray painting machines could be widely used.

      v.            Thermal Transfer Pad Printing

For making the patterns, we require choosing the best material. We use the thermal transfer pad printing process to manufacture Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds.

After that, we transfer the pattern on the first piece using high temperature and pressure. Finally, you shoot a shot injection system with the aluminum heated and cooled in the cycle.

    vi.            Inspection

The inspection process of Aluminum Soft Plastic mold includes surface defects, cavity defects, product size and dimension, appearance, shape check, etc.

Therefore, it is very important to control the quality from surface processing until inspection.

Aluminum Soft Bait Molds Manufacturing Process

Aluminum Soft Bait Molds Manufacturing Process

9.  How Do You Verify Quality Of Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds?

After the product is produced, it will be inspected by a two-page form so that each product professional and unskilled worker can use the process to check whether there are any defects.

These Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds are approved to exceed food-grade quality. We inspect each Aluminum Soft Plastic mold by hand to ensure the quality meets our standards.

First, you must check every mold cavity-to-cavity. Some of the most common quality checks are checking for air bubble leaks, tightly closing borders, mold-liner contact, and solid aluminum blocks.

Generally speaking, there are four major indicators of quality:

  1. Being made from aluminum that has been recently anodized (check for the rainbow sheen),
  2. Having no sharp edges (think about how problematic small cuts are for long term use),
  3. Allowing for easy removal of any push molds (meaning it needs to be flanged with a lip or have some support)
  4. You can return or exchange it if it malfunctions (you’ve got nothing to lose then).

10.  What Are The Components Of Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds?

The aluminum soft plastic molds comprise four components: the base, called a mold plate; the cores; the core plates; and the frame.

        i.            Base

The aluminum base component of the Aluminum Soft Plastic mold is aluminum. It can form a plastic pattern according to your design.

      ii.            Mold Plate

The Mold Plate Component of Aluminum soft plastic molds, also known as the Mold Base. It is the core structure and a single reference point for the mold itself.

It consists of an upper base, a lower base, and a removable side plate that mounts in between, holding everything together.

The spring plate will press the plate and squeeze the plastic injection molding while injecting the plastic into the cavity.

    iii.            Core Plates

The cores plates component of soft aluminum plastic molds is one important element. Aluminum mold cores plate can be quickly for exchange with new models, ensuring the high efficiency of producing plastic products.

The purpose of the cores plate: is to fill the gaps among the bottom mold and aluminum mold parts. The production process plays a role in communicating with the bottom tool.

That ensures that the raw materials are heated and homogenized to reach a consistent product quality.

Various Parts Of Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds

Various Parts Of Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds

11.  How Do You Maintain Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds?

Aluminum soft plastic molds are cleaned and sanitized as normal. Liquid portable or nonportable water can be used for rinsing off and steam cleaning.

When the mold is cooled, it may be hand washed in hot alkaline detergent. The use of a deep pit washer is not recommended. The mold should be flushed only with clean water after cleaning, rinsing, and brushing the mold.

The distinguishable feature allows you to modify and repair soft aluminum plastic molds easily. For most molds in general, the following tips are recommended for upkeep with metal molds.

  • Rub down with a sponge or scouring pad before use.
  • For best results, season your mold at least once before using it. Heat some oil (we recommend Crisco vegetable oil) and drop a few drops on the inside of the mold and let it sit overnight.
  • Do not use soap-based soap products which may harm your mold.

12.  How Do You Determine Aluminum Soft Plastic Mold Design?

Aluminum soft plastic mold designs come in a wide range of shapes, such as round and square. There are also a variety of soft aluminum plastic mold sizes available.

They are used to create lamps, vases, beverage containers, pots and pans, and lots more. The soft aluminum plastic molds will shape the object you want to make with some auxiliary components such as a sprinkler system or air-drying equipment.

Construction drawings should make a good design, such as wall thickness, venting volume, locating of dangerous parts.

When choosing the design of your mold, you should make sure to use only a mold designer who is experienced in making the type of product that you want to be made from soft plastic.

13.  Are Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds Durable?

Aluminum soft plastic molds are durable for low-volume productions, but steel is more durable than aluminum for large-volume productions. Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds are made with durable yet soft plastic material.

The metal lids and the bottom frames of the molds can be used to make antiques; aluminum machined parts, toys, decorative molding, and so much more.

These are metal molds that are soft-plastic and work great in various non-traditional applications.

14.  How Do Steel And Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds Compare?

Some think that aluminum molds are better than steel; some think that steel is stronger, but which is true?

Both have their advantages, so we will go over the pluses and minuses of both and, hopefully, get you pointed in the right direction on your search for new soft plastic molds.

Aluminum Soft Plastic MoldsSteel Soft Plastic Molds
·         Aluminum soft plastic molds have a lower thermal conductivity. They are generally lighter than steel molds, and they do not rust unless they are not properly painted and sealed.


·         The biggest difference between aluminum and steel plastic molds is aluminum is much lighter than steel.


·         Aluminum will bend easier, and the cases will be lighter.


·         Lower Tooling Cost


·         Aluminum soft plastic molds are lighter and easier to use, making them a good choice. If you are doing a lot of baking and need something more durable.


·         Steel is a harder metal and has a higher thermal conductivity.


·         The steel molds will be a little heavier; however, they will hold up long.


·         Higher Tooling Cost


·         Steel molds must use much harder steel in their dies to tolerate a wide range of soft plastics from over 100 different types.


15.  Which Defects Are Common When Using Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds?

When selecting soft aluminum plastic molds, there are some defects due to incorrect processes: The edge of the product is broken (any angle), has Burrs in the material, and the parting line is not cleanly processed.

Some other defects include insufficient moldability and mold deficiency. Aluminum soft plastic molds with insufficient moldability create a lot of bubbles on the object’s surface.

With remolding, the bubbles disappear completely, and the object becomes smooth. But these bubbles will appear again after a period with improper remolding methods.

16.  Can You Achieve Tight Tolerances Using Aluminum Soft Plastic Molds?

One of the advantages of using aluminum soft plastic molds is that items made from such molds achieve tight tolerances. Aluminum is a light metal and will leave little to no machining marks.

Aluminum soft plastic molds can be made into complex parts with crisp details and fine tolerances.

Aluminum soft plastic molds are ideal for developing tight tolerances and meeting your design requirements. However, they’re also fantastic for minimizing tooling costs.

For many plastic part prototypes, a tight tolerance fit is required. Sometimes the part requires a 0.005″ to 0.010″ tolerance fit.

That tolerance can only be met with costly and time-consuming conventional hard tooling because of cost and time constraints.

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