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Inox Cast is your trusted plastic die manufacturer and supplier in China. Send your drawing and sample now, we will help you boom your business. Mass produced plastic die products offered high quality and low cost.

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Why Inox is a Trusted Plastic Die Manufacturer

Inox Casting is your professional plastic die manufacturer with rich experience of over 20 years in this industry. We are supported by experienced professionals and staff with knowledge and progressive skills. In manufacturing your plastic die, we use excellent quality raw material, modern machines, and the latest technology. We provide these various types of plastic die in different specifications at cost-effective prices.

1 White Plastic Die
White Plastic Die

This White Plastic Die has a polishing surface finish process. It is mold with the single mold cavity method. It is used in commodity, electronic, hardware applications.

Low cost injection molding plastic mould die

This injection molding plastic mould die is manufacture with a seamless process in order to provide a quality and precision, low-cost product with minimal set-up.

3 Plastic die auto parts
Plastic die auto parts

Our plastic die auto parts mold-making system is composed of a highly skilled team with state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to produce high-quality plastic die auto parts faster than anyone.

Industrial Component Plastic die

We manufacture all types of industrial component Plastic die products. All are certified by ISO 90o1 and RoHS.

Custom Plastic die

Custom your plastic die parts and components with Inox Cast. We have state-of-the-art facilities and modern machinery to produce tailored products.

6 High-quality Plastic die
High-quality Plastic die

At Inox, you can find cost-effective plastic die but not compromise the quality of products. If you`re searching for the best plastic die, choose InoxCasting as your reliable partner.

7 Plastic die for laser hair removal machine
Plastic die for laser hair removal machine

Inox can manufacture plastic mould of laser hair removal machine with its own features and characteristics. It has a compact structure and beautiful surface finishing.

8 Mobile Parts Plastic Die
Mobile Parts Plastic Die

Mobile Parts Plastic Die is mould with Multi Cavity process. It is finished with polishing, plate, power coating surface treatment process.

9 Plastic Die Cutting
Plastic Die Cutting

In Plastic Die Cutting, we can create a custom die in the required shape, sizes, designs of your specifications.

Plastic Moulding Die

We are experts in Plastic Moulding Die with qualified professionals who possess worthy experience in this industry. A wide range of plastic molding die is available to skyrocket your project.

11 Cost-effective Plastic Die
Cost-effective Plastic Die

Our Cost-effective Plastic Die is manufactured using superior quality plastic raw material and high-techology. It is compliance with market quality standards from optimum grade raw materials.

Mild Steel Plastic Glass Dies

All Mild Steel Plastic Glass Dies are precisely-made, rust-resistance, high strength, easy installation, and durable.

Rocket Your Business with Inox Plastic Die

Inox Cast Plastic Die

Inox Casting is an ISO9001 and ISO9001:2008 certified manufacture of Plastic Die. We are trusted by worldwide customers for reliable products and services deliver. You can avail of Inox Plastic Die at a very cost-effective price at any quantity.

We will create plastic die molds using a CAD/CAM computer together with excellent machining systems. It will be positioned in injection molding machines for the fabrication of durable plastic products.

Our series of Inox Plastic Die is compact structured, high-precision mold, durable, and manufactured using seamless process. Inox provides one-stop surface treatment processes for your plastic die such as surface plating, painting, silk screen printing, Bead blast, Etching, Matte finish, etc.

The offered plastic die by Inox is manufactured using superior quality plastic material and advanced technology and machines. According to your Inox Plastic Die shapes, sizes, designs, logo, application, and other specifications, let InoxCast handle it for you.

Our Inox plastic die engineers and technicians is expert in this field manufacturing chain of products that range from medical equipment, electrical appliance, communications, automotive parts, home appliances, and anything that requires plastic.

All are highly-trained engineers with high levels of skills in numeracy, polishing, assembling, hand and machining skills, testing, and troubleshooting.

Whether you need to make a completely functional prototype or large volume production of plastic die, we can help you make it happen. Our plastic die mold and parts are exported around the world and gained a good reputation to clients.

We provide a turnkey solution to skyrocket your brand. Aside from plastic die manufacturing, we also offer injection mold tooling, plastic injection mold, bottle molds, metal injection molding, and so on.

If you need a plastic die for your project, please contact us immediately. We are looking forward to your cooperation.

Plastic Die: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

At times, choosing a suitable plastic die can be an overwhelming task.

However, this guide will make everything simple and straightforward for you.

It explores everything you need to know about plastic die.

So, keep reading to learn more

1. What Is Plastic Die?

In polymer processing, this is a metal regulator or passage that provides a regular cross sectional profile to a stream of liquid polymer.This enables continuous processing of shapes such as sheets, files, rods, and pipes.

Plastic die

Plastic die

2. How Does Plastic Die Compare To Plastic Mould?

Both plastic dies and plastic moulds are important tools for mass production in the manufacturing industry.

plastic die

plastic die

Plastic mold are used for injecting mould to give shape to resin.

While plastic dies are devices used for cutting material or making materials in a stamping or forging machine.

Molds are used in injection moulding such as melted resin or and plastic polymers.

While plastic dies are tools for shaping metal and alloys. This is applicable in making parts of automobiles.

Plastic die is a metal regulator or passage that provides a constant cross sectional profile of a stream of liquid polymer.

Plastic mould is the process of pouring liquid plastic in a mould for it to take the shape of the mold.

Plastic mould

plastic mould

Plastic die have properties that are durable and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Plastic mould also durable and have designs that are highly complex.

3. What Should You Consider When Choosing Plastic Die?

There various factors to consider when choosing plastic die. These are:

Shape-  plastic dies come in various shapes that are complex.

Depending on the shape and size of the part you what to produce, consider the right shape when choosing from the variety of shapes.

Material used. Aluminium dies are cheap compared to steel die. If you want long production run then steel is the best .Aluminium dies do well for short production run.


The cost of plastic die is influenced by the number of cavities,material used,surface finish and complexity.

Choose plastic  die that is cost effective but still meets your needs.

d).consider the durability  of the plastic die.

This enables you have many repeated production runs, thus reducing production cost.

4. Which Is A Suitable Material For Plastic Die?

The Suitable materials for plastic die are mainly steel and aluminium. Choosing aluminium or steel depends  on your requirements and priorities.Below are advantage and disadvantages of aluminium and steel plastic dies.

Cost of producing a part. This factor is dependent on the life span of your part and the production run.

For shorter runs aluminum part have low costs. For high volumes steel moulds have low cost.

Volumes suitability.  Aluminium molds offer better value for low production runs and low volumes.

They are not suitable for production of high volumes

Steel molds are the  best for longer production run and production of high volumes.

Modification and repairs- Aluminium  molds are easy to repair and modify because it’s a soft material.

Steel molds are difficult and costly to repair because steel is extremely hard.

Durability – steel moulds last long.

There are long production runs repeated over years.

Aluminium  molds are not durable because the aluminum material is soft and can be used for few production runs.

Heating and cooling  times –  Aluminium moulds release heat  and cool very fast. compared to steel moulds.

This means you can produce more aluminum parts very fast.

5. Which Products Can You Make Using Plastic Die?

Plastic dies process is popular in producing plastic products.

These include

Interior parts of automotive, Electronics, Housings , housewares and  medical equipment.

6. How Much Do Plastic Die Cost?

The cost of a plastic die is determined by various factors such as:

– The number of cavities in the mould.

-How complex is the mould design and brand

-Any other feature that may require extra tooling.

– Surface finish such as polished, sand paper

-Usage or application

7. How Does Injection Molding And Die Casting Process Compare?

Die casting process: this is a process of removing molten metal under high pressure. The heated metal is usually aluminium, zinc or copper.

The process of die casting involves:

prepare the die by lubricating the mold cavity.

This will help in regulating the temperature inside the die and also making it easy for you to remove the die cast. Close the mold.

injection molding

injection molding

After closing the mold, due to high pressure the molten metal is injected in the die. Maintain the high pressure in the die as the molten metal cools slowly as it takes the shape of the die.

To hasten cooling, immerse in water.

After the mold cools, open the dies and eject and collect all shots.

shots are castings that mold cavities give rise to.

die casting process

die casting process

Injection molding: This is similar to die casting, the difference arises in the material used.

Prepare the injection mold by lubricate the injection mold.

This helps in regulating temperatures in the mold and enable easy ejection of the product after molding.

The molten plastic material is then passed into aluminium molds under high pressure. Maintain High pressure in the mold as the molten plastic cools slowly taking the shape of the mold.

Deep the mold in water for fast cooling.

Once the mold is cool, proceed and open the mold to eject and collect the product.

If necessary carry out the process finishing on the plastic die.

8. How Should You Maintain Plastic Moulding Dies?

Maintaining plastic moulding dies is essential   should be  done in regular cycles or when need arise such as breakdown.

This should be done by trained and competent die technicians. Maintenance  should be done at  these 5 levels

a).Routine maintenance – Every time the die is pulled from production or put back.

b).simple preventive maintenance -done by using the right solvents when cleaning  dies

c).Inspection maintenance – Done at the end of a production run, for minor repairs

d). General maintenance- Done every  10 production  runs. All plates are separated and cleaned.

e).Major maintenance – Done after a die achieving the number of cycles for maintenance, excessive wear or damage.

Some of the important cleaning and maintenance operation include the following;

  • To remove residues from the die, wipe or spray the cavities and dry.
  • Remove debris from other areas of the die.
  • Using compressed air, dry up every part of the die.if any water is leftin the metal mold it can lead to rusting.
  • Ensure every part of the die is in order, with screw, bolts and any other part well fastened.
  • Make sure all broken parts are repaired or replaced.
  • Lubrication appropriately all moving parts should be done regularly.

This should be done sparingly to parts which are in contact with plastic.

Flushing water lines with decaying agents to remove buildings up scales.

To avoid fatigue, all springs should be replaced with new springs.

9. What Are The Parts Of Plastic Die?

Clamp plates used to hold molds on the platen using magnet

Cavities – the parts are formed in the desired shape in this area.

Cooling channel are channels where hot plastics injected and is cooled.

Guide pillars and bushings ensure proper alignment of mold halves when closed.

A series of pins or bars push off parts of the core. These are called ejector system

10. How Should You Specify Plastic Die For You Material Processing?

Product specifications is very crucial as it helps your customers to identify important details of the product in relation their needs.

These details  are important too  for plastic dies, they include:

– The name of the product

– The function of the plastic die

– material used to make the product

– minimum order quantity (MOQ)

-price of the plastic die

– warranty

– Trade Assurance( protection of your trade order

11. Why Should You Import Plastic Die From China?

The reasons why you should import plastic dies from China are:

  • The prices of plastic dies are affordable and transport cost is also low.
  • The MOQ for plastic die is as low as 1 piece making ir attractive to small scale businesses.
  • China produces a variety of quality plastic dies making it easy for you to choose according to your need and ability.
  • Chinese products can be customized to meet the specifications of the customer.

12. Is There MOQ For Plastic Die?

Yes there is minimum order quantity for plastic dies.

This varies from one manufacturer or supplier  to another.

MOQ I is not the same for all plastic dies because some items are sold in sets while others are sold in pieces.

13. Are Plastic Dies Suitable For Processing All Types Of Plastics?

Yes, plastic dies are suitable in processing all types of plastics.this is done through these methods

  • Plastic extrusion
  • Injection molding
  • Compression molding
  • Plastic rotational molding

14. How Should You Clamp Plastic Die?

Clamping is the process of pressing together two halves of the mold securely.This is done using clamps.

The clamps should hold the molds firmly to overcome the pressure exerted on mold during moulding.

There are two major ways of clamping plastic dies

Mechanical Clamping

The mould is held in position by the locking mechanism of a manual bayonet and you turn the handle manually.

It is easy to operate and install

It is used in smaller plastic die machines.

Hydraulic Clamping

At the end of the process of plastic die moulding, clamp plates hold the two halves of the mold securely.   Afterwards the molten plastic undergoes cooling.

Once the material becomes solid the clamping system opens up using hydraulic  motor.This allows the ejection of the molded part.

15. Which Are The Available Plastic Die Surface Finishes Available?

Surface   Finishes impact greatly the final cost of a plastic die. The following are Surface Finishes for plastic dies

a). Polishing -This is made with diamond buffing this makes the die shinny.

b). Sand paper-it done by moving sand paper back and forth on the plastic die leaving behind linear scratches.

c). Blasting-  abrasive blasting is fine using sand or beads of glass. This produces dull or flat finishes on the plastic die.

d). Using grit stone- grits stones are used erase tooling and  mold marks leaving  the plastic partition a matte surface finish.

16. What Does Plastic Die Forming Process Involve?

Die Forming is a process where molten polymer is guided under pressure to exit an extruder.

i).This is done at three point

-The manifold  which channels the the molten polymer from the first extrusion point to a near net shape of the final product.

– Approach stage  which channels further the molten polymer  to the final stage and start correcting ununiform flow.

-Lip stage where the melt if formed into the desired shape and compensate for any remaining imbalance in the flow.

ìi).Molten polymer  undergo die swell which is the expansion of the melt after the pressure has been released before  curing(solidification of the melt).

iii). The solid material is put on a roller and cut into various lengths depending on the type of part.

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